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Interview with Sr. Veronica, the youngest participant at the General Chapter

10 settembre 2014

We interviewed Sr. Veronica Nwe Ni Moe, from the Province of Mary Our Help, Cambodia-Myanmar (CMY). Sr. Veronica is the youngest Chapter Member, and is participating for the first time as an invited guest. She is 34 years old and has been professed for 12 years. She is the animator of the community of St. Mary Mazzarello of AnisKan where there are 2 aspirants, 3 pre-aspirants, 49 girls in hardship situations who are frequenting the sewing course, and a boarding school with 150 children. The FMA also carry out oratory , afterschool activities for poor children, and Sunday catechism.

What did you think when you received the invitation to participate in the Chapter ?
I was very moved when the invitation arrived because in all my life I would never have imagined that I would live this experience of grace, of the Holy Spirit, of family, and of formation. I feel blessed and loved by God for having chosen me, and I am aware of a profound sense of gratitude for la Madre and the Sisters of my province for the trust they have in me, notwithstanding my frailty. I will participate in the Chapter with simplicity, joy, openness of heart and mind, and a sense of responsibility because the young Sisters and young people of Myanmar are waiting for me to share with them this experience of renewal in the light of the Gospel.

What did the Sisters of your community and the young people in formation tell you?
We are 9 Sisters in community, 4 with perpetual vows and 5 temporary professed. Like a sister among sisters, I seek to love Jesus and make Him loved by them and the young people. The FMA and the young aspirants were very happy, and they asked me to speak for them of our reality, to listen and to participate with my whole self so that I could communicate to them the beauty of the experience, and the content through the Internet, and they assured me of their continual prayer.
In order to follow the Chapter online they must go to a little nearby city, fifteen minutes by car, to have the possibility of a connection. They asked me to thank and embrace la Madre and the Sisters of the Council who visited us, and they asked me to renew the invitation of a future visit. They said simply to greet Mother Mazzarello when I go to Mornese, and to tell her that they are happy to belong completely to Jesus, and to be able to build, together with the young people, houses of love and joy, sowing the seed of the Salesian charism in our land.

What are your expectations for the chapter?
During the Chapter I want to listen to what God and the Holy Spirit want to teach me, and then to share what I am and what God has given me. I hope that this time will be for all an experience lived in company with the Holy Spirit that always indicates what Jesus wants for the good of the world, the Church, our Sisters, the educating communities, the young people , and the poor. I also believe that renewed in the Gospel I will be able to share the family spirit and the joy of being an FMA completely given to the young people
I wish to grow in evangelical radicality and loving kindness, to be a simple, joyful FMA for Jesus and for young people.

Do you have a message for the young people of the world?
I want to tell every young person of the world: “The God who lives in you loves you very much, and so do I, together with Don Bosco and Domenica Mazzarello, I love you very much. Pause for a little to listen and find yourself in the depth of your heart, where God is waiting to give you His love.
Have the courage to go out of yourself to experience the true joy and the meaning of your life. The Church, Don Bosco, and Maria Mazzarello need you. Whenever possible leave the Internet, and you will be able to build relationships that are more humanizing, authentic, beautiful and lasting ,giving and receiving love.

“Viva Gesù and Maria” to all young people in the Salesian world, be aware of God’s presence and that of Mary Help of Christians in your life and in the lives of your friends.”

A dream that you have for your country…
To continue the dream that Don Bosco had for the young people of my country: a happy life for every day and for eternity. Yes, where all can live and grow in peace and serenity, sharing fairly in the common wealth for the good of all. I want to share the love of God in the Spirit of the Da mihi animas cetera tolle in our land so dominated by the Buddhist culture.

31/08/2014 – Interview with Mother Yvonne on the theme of GC XXIII

10 settembre 2014

The General Chapter XXIII of the Daughters of Mary Help Christians is a historic event in the life of every daughter of Mary Help of Christians, the young and all who are connected to us in any way. It is an important and significant event for the entire Institute of which we form an integral part. We have been preparing for it with much prayer, study and reflection and will continue to support the members of the General Chapter with our prayers.

Let us listen to the interview of Mother General published on 31/08/2014. The translation of the same you will find below.

Interview with Mother Yvonne Reungoat on the theme of GC XXIII
June 13, 2014

1. “Being, with young people today, a home that evangelises” is the theme that has been chosen for the coming General Chapter. What horizons can it open up for the future of the Institute?

The future horizons for the Institute are those of a revitalisation of the charism in dialogue with our times, in which there is a strong need to feel at home, i.e. to have affective and social points of reference, a sense of belonging and secure, shared values. The solitude of the family, often defenceless and fragile, unstable relations between people, alienation, defensively closing in on self, can all leave people, and especially young people, feeling alone and disorientated.
Offering a home, or rather being one, and being one together with them, means the freshness in human and spiritual relations that we intend to live. At the same time, it implies openness to others, since we are speaking of a home with open doors and windows, welcoming, proactive, where a sense of responsibility and care for each other is lived and, together, all tend towards a goal of beauty and fulfilment in Jesus, the true meaning of our life.
Therefore, the future horizons are in the area of the charism, whose most basic expression is the family spirit; a family in which young people can feel welcome, loved, valued, made responsible for their own lives and those of others, encouraged to discover the plan God has for them. Young people are not, in the first place, object of our care, but protagonists in cultural and social change in the light of the Gospel and according to the spirit of the Salesian charism.

2. In the Working Document three nuclei are proposed for reflection:
o Hope from the margins
o Called by God to be a prophecy of joy
o Relationships at the heart of the charism
How can they be a response to the challenges that the Institute needs to face?

There are many challenges to be faced, but basically they can be reduced to three:
• To allow ourselves to be challenged by the world, especially that that of young people, which is becoming impoverished, not only at the economic level but also at a human, cultural, social and religious levels;
• To rediscover the fascination of our religious life and witness to the joy of following Jesus in a setting where pessimism, scepticism and seeking easy gain seem to dominate;
• To let ourselves be challenged by the need for true and authentic relationships, and for a humanity that rediscovers itself and its dignity.

o Hope from the margins. Pope Francis recommends not allowing ourselves to be robbed of hope. Not alone must we not allow ourselves to be robbed of it, but we must recover it from the existential margins, as the Working Document for GC XXIII suggests. Indeed, the margins become the Gospel perspective from which to look at life with love. The margins are not just bearers of problems, suffering, limitations and death, but of life and hope. Wisdom can be learned by living with suffering and limitations, by sharing simplicity and poverty. The poor evangelise us with their very lives. In dialogue with them we become more creative, joyful, capable of going to the essential, and of proposing the beauty of the Gospel. Besides being a Gospel perspective, the margins are also a charismatic perspective. Don Bosco and Mother Mazzarello were people of the margins and they started their mission among young people on the existential margins of their time.
On the level of human relationships, we have understood that the model of development cannot be that of prosperity, seen as accumulating wealth, but the possibility of living with dignity, moderation and joy and especially of sharing.
Consecrated life itself is experiencing what it is to be a minority, both because of falling numbers and because of its attitude of readiness to go out of itself and to journey in order to meet Jesus in the poor, on the margins of life and of every kind of poverty. It goes where the mystery of sin, suffering, and lack of rights reign; on the margins of thought and of every form of misery, especially those experienced by young people, in order to evangelise them and allow itself to be evangelised in an enriching mutual sharing.
On the margins we recognise the face of our communities. Together with the educating communities, many of them are rediscovering the joy of loving and serving in places where life is most fragile, insecure and threatened. From this point of view, today, even the family founded on marriage is an existential margin that needs to be cared for. No less care must be given to our communities, which are becoming ever more multi-generational, multi-cultural and, in some places, having a high average age, with all the richness and difficulties that this new configuration involves. Calls for inter-congregational collaboration are becoming ever more frequent. In brief, we are discovering an open field for the building of a home for all as a large family of children of God who live in communion and share what they are and have.
The margins do not offer security, but they involve a choice in favour of a fruitful future, because it is evangelical and Salesian and makes hope practical.

o A prophecy of joy. It is from the margins that we can experience joy, because it is there that God calls us, speaks to us, invites us, and gives us consolation and joy. It is by starting from the margins that we can witness to the fact that we are happy to follow Jesus and to proclaim the Gospel of joy. Joy is contagious and becomes a prophecy of hope in the possibility of a new world. It is not only the joy of being with Jesus but the joy of being with young people. We are called to inhabit the places in which we can meet them, listen to their thirst, and present the Gospel in a credible and convincing way, starting from a trustworthy witness that makes the life of Jesus visible in our words and actions.
Young people are our life, our fatigue, our hope, our future. They are a different and demanding generation. This could scare us, but the Lord does not leave us alone. It is among them that we can meet him. It is with them that we can live the preventive charism, revitalising our hope. Young people are capable of surprising us in a positive sense because they exceed our expectations with their generosity. If we are among them with an oratorian heart, they will show us their true face, one of poverty and hope, of generosity and beauty in the total gift of themselves.
The crisis in the family challenges us, not only to accompany the young people, but to establish a family pastoral, especially for young families, to help them to become an active support to other families.
If our heart is filled with the fascination of following Jesus, it will discover the comfort and joy of being with those He loves, especially young people, and of inhabiting those places in which they are to be found, not only the physical places, but also the virtual ones. The joy of communicating something beautiful and great will help us to enter into harmony with their languages, to become competent in the relationship of accompaniment, to be present in social networks and also to learn from young people. It will lead us to accept the new challenges of the educational and evangelising mission.
The new poor are not only to be found where the Gospel has not yet reached, but in many existential margins. We are particularly challenged by violence against women and children, abuses within families, human trafficking, migration and corruption.
For this reason we welcome the invitation of Pope Francis to be a Church that is going out to the mission, joining forces to oppose situations that degrade the human person and nature.
In a positive sense, we want to educate to life, to self-giving, to gift, to responsibility for others and for creation, to care for fraternal life.

o Relationships at the heart of the charism. With young people and the whole educating community, we commit ourselves to build a home of fraternity through relationships that make life more humane, animated by the spirituality of Don Bosco’s Preventive System. We feel that the charism is a word of God for today. We want to revitalize it by making the style of life in our communities more prophetic and joyful: a prophecy of joy and hope that involves the educating communities. The home we want to build is open to all. When we approach others windows are thrown open that make it possible to know each other, exchange gifts, respect and appreciate each other. Relationships will save us from individualism and, at the same time, guide us to put people at the centre, restoring their dignity.
In this regard the Salesian charism offers an interesting educational journey. It challenges us to make our relationships more mutual, to find the spot that is accessible to goodness, that is, the level of contact that allows the person to feel accepted in his/her deepest reality.
In Valdocco and Mornese, where the Salesian charism began its journey, thanks to the availability of St. John Bosco and St. Maria Domenica Mazzarello, all breathed a family spirit. They formed profoundly human relationships. They lived the fascination of the vocational call and the passion of the da mihi animas cetera tolle. Mother Mazzarello felt that she had received the educational mission from the very hands of Mary Help of Christians and lived it as a trust.

Relationships in the family spirit, lived as an educating community, become a prophecy of a different way of living, of telling our story, of expressing ourselves, of going out to others, and even of structuring one’s own identity. In fact, our image emerges, as in a mirror, from our relationships with others. We are called to revitalise the prophecy of fraternal life and make sure that it reaches all the existential margins in which our life and mission take place, with the momentum of the da mihi animas cetera tolle and the tender love of one who is aware of the call to care for others with compassion and mercy.

3. What is your dream for the experience that will be lived during the General Chapter?
The Assembly of GC XXIII will be representative of the whole world (there will be FMA from all continents, representing the 94 countries in which we are present). It holds the dream of new communities, open to universal fraternity, capable of appreciating the precious treasure of the Salesian Spirit inherited from our founders and of giving it new life, incarnating it in the situations of the present day. They will be capable of sustaining their hope in the certainty that the Lord is doing something new today and that we need to have eyes to see it. At GC XXIII I expect to experience FMA who are capable of believing in the dream of a Salesian religious life that can offer a new fascination and attraction, despite human limitations.
It is not primarily a question of studying what to propose to others (to those who do not take part in GC XXIII) and therefore of producing documents, but of experiencing the contagious beauty of our life, called to witness that the Lord Jesus fills the human heart and opens it to others.
For this reason I pray for a great openness to the Holy Spirit, the true protagonist in this event.
The conditions needed for this are: inner freedom and a new way of looking at things, the ability to go out of oneself to search for unprecedented paths, in the conviction that the future is not what remains of the past, but something absolutely surprising, that brings us back to the freshness of the origins of our charism that it may be a source of new life.
The Chapter will not solve all problems, but it will give a new spirit with which to face them with a Gospel and Salesian heart.

4. What message do you want to give to the many Sisters and members of the educating communities who will follow the work from home?

From now on the General Chapter can be lived in all our FMA communities and in the educating communities. Each member must be able to say: this involves me; it belongs to me; it is speaking of me and my community, because the Chapter is not something reserved, even if only one representative can take part. The Chapter belongs to everyone and should be followed with a sense of belonging and great love, with prayer and empathy, and above all with great confidence and hope. “When the Spirit works, it always creates something new”. It is the newness of the Gospel that radiates.
I pray that the new wind of the Holy Spirit that will blow through the days of GC XXIII may reach the most marginal communities and spread the contagion of life and hope to them.
There will be intense coverage on the website of the Institute. I invite you to make use of it. Thus you will be kept up to date in real time and will, in a way, live this significant event directly.
I hope, too, that you will accept with trust the transmission that the Provincial and delegate/s to the Chapter will give on their return. This attitude will make sure that the Chapter will be incarnated in the different settings in which you live and work with missionary hearts and that it will become contagious.
Stay in contact with us: do not pull out the plug. Every day interesting surprises will await you. Your responses will be precious for us and will encourage us in the search for new paths. They will be a privileged channel in order to live this event in synergy.

5. Thinking of the young people, how can they contribute to the growth of the Institute? What message do you want to give them?

Young people are the heart of our mission, but also our first collaborators in building a home for humanity.
Dear young people, I want to ask you to help us imagine a different world. Make your point of view known to us. Tell us what you think; even be critical of us, but not indifferent. Your opinions are vital for us. We want to listen to you, meet you, tell you what gives us life, but also to learn from you. Let us know your expectations and hopes, your disappointments and anxieties. Have the courage even to disturb us, but don’t just look on. Feel responsible for the building of a future of justice, peace, welcoming of differences, giving special importance to what unites and creates communion. Feel that you belong to the great Salesian Family born of the heart of Don Bosco and commit yourselves at local level. Belonging implies knowledge. Try to reflect in depth on Salesian values. One can only love and serve what one knows. Tell us what you think are the bricks that are solid enough to build the home of fraternity. You are leading actors in this undertaking, as the theme of the Chapter shows: being, with young people, a home that evangelises. A home inhabited by the Spirit. Mary Help of Christians walks in this house, protects and supports it with her counsel and maternal tenderness. May she help you to believe that what happened to Don Bosco and Mother Mazzarello who received the call from her “I entrust them to you”, can also happen to each one of you. Yes, because God continues to trust you and to call you to collaborate with him.

Campobosco 2014, días para conocer la espiritualidad juvenil salesiana

31 luglio 2014

Campobosco 2014, días para conocer la espiritualidad juvenil salesiana

30/07/2014 | Redacción

Se celebra en Turín, del 31 de julio al 9 de agosto, y participan 470 jóvenes, que recorrerán los lugares donde nació Don Bosco y el carisma salesiano.

Organizado por la Pastoral Juvenil Salesiana de España y Portugal, comienza mañana el Campobosco 2014, que reunirá, hasta el 9 de agosto, a 470 jóvenes, animadores, salesianos y salesianas.
El Campobosco es una experiencia, que se organiza cada tres años, destinada a jóvenes mayores de 19 años, que en esos días recorren los lugares de los orígenes de Don Bosco, fundador de la Familia Salesiana, y de las raíces del carisma salesiano. En esta ocasión, además, se celebra días antes de que comience oficialmente, el 16 de agosto, los actos del Bicentenario del nacimiento de San Juan Bosco.
A lo largo de estos días, los jóvenes visitarán Barcelona, que recibió la visita de Don Bosco en 1886; Mornese, donde nació María Mazzarello y está el origen de las Salesianas. Ya en Turín, el grupo visitará el Colle Don Bosco, donde nació el santo de los jóvenes, y los pueblos cercanos donde pasó su infancia y se formó como seminarista. En Turín, recorrerán los lugares del origen del carisma salesiano, especialmente en Valdocco donde nació la obra salesiana.
Con este viaje, en el que se omiten expresamente otras visitas turísticas, se quiere ofrecer a los jóvenes la posibilidad de conocer un poco más a San Juan Bosco y a Santa María Mazzarello, conocer su personalidad y los orígenes de su propuesta educativa y su espiritualidad. “Acercarse a la experiencia espiritual de Don Bosco, explican los organizadores, para caminar en la santidad según la vocación específica de cada uno”.
Durante estas jornadas, se suceden los momentos de convivencia, de reflexión sobre los lugares que se visitan, los momentos de oración, de celebración de la eucaristía y reconciliación. En alguno de estos actos participarán el Rector Mayor de los salesianos y la Madre General de las salesianas, así como provinciales de ambas congregaciones.

Puede seguirse este encuentro en :

Twitter: @Campobosco2014

Don Bosco’s Bicentenary Celebrations

30 luglio 2014

For the Students : Prayer Service I

Prayer service and hoisting of the flag for the opening of Don Bosco’s Bicentenary Celebrations (August 16, 2014- August 16, 2015)

Prayer Dance/ Choreography (theme- Thanksgiving)

Introduction: Dear friends, as we open the Bi-centenary year of Don Bosco’s birth, we the family members are privileged to rejoice and thank God for the gift of Don Bosco to the Church and to the Congregation in particular.
Don Bosco was a man of God, mystic, blessed abundantly with gifts of nature and of grace, deeply human, alert and opens to the signs of the times. He was known as the living saint of the nineteenth century whom the Lord had chosen and sent to announce the good news, that the young might become friends of God. With the heart of a father and teacher, Don Bosco worked untiringly for the salvation of the young through the direct intervention of Mary our Mother. He became all things to all people in order to lead the young especially the poor and the abandoned to God.

Today, the work and the life of Don Bosco are being carried out all over the world by his sons and daughters. The Charism of Don Bosco is still very relevant, active, alive and very much seen in our own time. So dear friends, as we prepare ourselves to celebrate the Bi-Centenary of Don Bosco’s birth, let us renew our faithfulness to his spirit and to take a fresh account of our responsibility, to live ever more intensely the Gospel values as Don Bosco, our Father and Founder once lived.

Hymn to DB

Commentator : Light represents God. Where there is light everything is illumined and the path is made visible to reach one’s destination. In the light of God everything is made clear and therefore we need the light of God to guide us, to enlighten us that all of us may be a light to one another.
Lighting of the Lamp (By different representatives)

Spontaneous prayers of thanks and praise: Our God is worthy of all praise and thanksgiving. We recall all his graces and blessings he has bestowed on us. He continues to work wonders in our lives through persons, events and situations. Today we specially want to thank God for the gift of St. Don Bosco and his followers who continues to carry out his mission in the fields of education. Let us now spontaneously express our prayer of praise and thanks.

A song of praise and thanksgiving/ Dance
Response: We Praise and thank you Lord.
• For the gift of St. John Bosco
• For the gift of Salesian Family
• For the gift of Salesian institutions
• For the gift of our Superiors
• For our Fathers, sisters, Teachers …
• For the gift of the Rector Major—
• For the gift of Mother General—
• Hymn:

Symbolical prayers:

Response: Lord hear our prayer
Books: Lord as we offer this book, we pray for increase of knowledge and wisdom that we may know your design for each one of us. We also pray for the institute of the Salesian Fathers and Sisters that they continue to be the instruments of knowledge and wisdom to many people especially the young. Res
Ball: Don Bosco educated the young through games and sports. Lord as we offer this ball, we pray for the educators especially the Salesian family that his system of education may continue to be qualitative and effective among the young. Res

Flowers: Lord as we offer this vase of flowers, we pray for all the young people that they may continue to strive for betterment each day and bloom their lives to be channels of peace, joy and hope. Res

National Flag: Don Bosco said, “Education is the matter of the heart” through this he aimed to inculcate in the heart of his pupils to be a good and honest citizen. Lord as we offer our National flag we pray for all of us present here and others that we may respect one another and honor our country. Res

Chain: Lord we pray for unity as we offer this chain which is the symbol of unity that we may experience unity in the family, community, society and the world at large. Res

Dove: Lord as we offer this symbolic dove we pray for peace in our trouble world. After your resurrection your first parting gift to your apostles was ‘peace’ May your peace reign in the heart of all. Res
Globe: Lord as we offer this globe we pray for our world that it may know you and accept you as their Lord and Saviour. Res

Hoisting of the Flag by the chief guest & the speech
Commentator: We shall now hoist the Bi-Centenary Flag and open this mega event.
Sharing of experiences: Two or three Past Pupils/ Present pupils etc. share briefly their Salesian educational experiences.

Hymn: We thank you O Lord for Don Bosco.

 Long Live-Don Bosco
 Don Bosco-Long live
 Don Bosco-We love you

Pledge: We, the students of Salesian School, promise that we will try our best to exemplify the principles that we have learned from our school (institution/centre) and commit ourselves to uphold, respect and follow the standards set out by our school.

Following the example of Don Bosco, We pledge ourselves to live as one family, regardless of our race, language and religion to build a nation that respects each and every individual.
We further promise that we will give our best and strive constantly for excellence, preserving our academic integrity by maintaining the highest ethical standard in our studies, and valuing the relationships with the management, teachers and among ourselves. In every instance we will prove ourselves as Salesian pupils following the footsteps of Don Bosco.

Hymn to Don Bosco

Releasing of 200 balloons
With great joy and gratitude in our hearts we recall to our mind the great St. John Bosco whose 200th Birth day we celebrate today. Each of these balloons represent an year he lived and the years his followers continue to live, giving hope to the millions of young people around the world. These 200 balloons with messages inside will be released to symbolize the Salesian presence around the world. Let us with joy and gratitude release them and spread the message of love, peace and joy in our society and in the world.

Hymn to Don Bosco

For the Community : Prayer Service II

Bicentenary Celebrations (August 16, 2014- August 16, 2015)
Evening Prayer Service for the Community / Adoration Service

Hymn: I will bless your name or any other appropriate hymn

Introduction: Dear friends, as we open the Bi-centenary year of Don Bosco’s birth, we the family members are privileged to rejoice and thank God for the gift of Don Bosco to the Church and to the Congregation in particular.
Don Bosco was a man of God, mystic, blessed abundantly with gifts of nature and of grace, deeply human, alert and opens to the signs of the times. He was known as the living saint of the nineteenth century whom the Lord had chosen and sent to announce the good news, that the young might become friends of God. With the heart of a father and teacher, Don Bosco worked untiringly for the salvation of the young through the direct intervention of Mary our Mother. He became all things to all people in order to lead the young especially the poor and the abandoned to God.

Today, the work and the life of Don Bosco are being carried out all over the world by his sons and daughters. The Charism of Don Bosco is still very relevant, active, alive and very much seen in our own time. So dear friends, as we prepare ourselves to celebrate the Bi-Centenary of Don Bosco’s birth, let us renew our faithfulness to his spirit and to take a fresh account of our responsibility, to live ever more intensely the Gospel values as Don Bosco, our Father and Founder once lived.

Thanksgiving Hymn:

Commentary: “I have promised God that to my last breath I will live for my poor boys”, said Don Bosco. We Salesians are called to dedicate our lives for the young. Let us thank God for the gift of our vocation and pray that the Lord may bless us with strength and courage to follow Him in the footsteps of Don Bosco our Father and Founder.

Sharing of experiences by 2 or 3 Persons.

Spontaneous prayers of thanks and praise: Our God is worthy of all praise and thanksgiving. We recall all his graces and blessings he has bestowed on us. He continues to work wonders in our lives through persons, events and situations. Today we specially want to thank God for the gift of St. Don Bosco and his followers who continues to carry out his mission in the fields of education. Let us now spontaneously express our prayer of praise and thanks.

Response: We Praise and thank you Lord
• For the gift of St. John Bosco
• For the gift of Salesian Family
• For the gift of Salesian institutions
• For the gift of the Rector Major etc.

Hymn: We thank you O Lord for Don Bosco.

Prayer of intercessions:

Commitment by the Community

O Father of youth and teacher of holiness, we follow your footsteps to be an educator among the young people. We commit ourselves to be prophets in today’s world to proclaim the kingdom of God to all the young people, especially the lonely, the defenseless and the poor. We want to re-dedicate our lives once again to serve God and the young more zealously and to accept with joy the sacrifices that ensue. We furthermore promise that we will unselfishly place at the disposal of our community our time, energy and talents for building up the kingdom of God.

Comment: As we pray our Father let us ask God to bless us so that we persevere in our vocation, to carry out generously God’s plan in our lives. May we imbibe the indefatigable zeal of Don Bosco for the salvation of souls.
Our Father:

Concluding Prayer

Hymn to the blessed Sacrament

Prepared by, PCI. Youth Pastoral Sector, 2014

The Glory of the Martyrs (Asian Youth Day Theme song)

23 luglio 2014

Asian Youth Meet South Korea 13-17 August, 2014.

23 luglio 2014

Theme: “Asian Youth Wake up! The glory of martyrs shines on you.”

Join this great event of the Church and particularly for the Church in Asia. These are days of Grace. Let us Celebrate it meaningfully and joyfully this spiritual experience.
The theme calls each and every one of us, young and old to be a missionary of the gospel, a proclaimer of truth, a witness of love before the world. “Today, as the Church seeks to experience a profound missionary renewal, there is a kind of preaching which falls to each one of us as a daily responsibility. It has to do with bringing the gospel to the people we meet, they can be our neighbours or complete strangers… being a disciple means being constantly ready to bring the love of Jesus to others, and this can happen unexpectedly and in any place…” (Evangelii Gaudium,127).
Asian Youth day theme stresses the following:
 To discover the roots of our faith
 Importance of Prayer in our daily life
 Youth to be champions of evangelization
We have also another significant event that coincide with Asian Youth Day is the opening of the Bi-centenary Year of Don Bosco’s Birth which will be held on 16th August. Hence it is befitting to put these two great events together and prepare our youth both Catholic and the Non- catholic students in our schools, colleges, oratories and other centres for a meanigful celebration of our Faith.
Suggestions for the Asian Youth Day:
Workshop on New Evangelization for the catholic Students
Organizing pilgrimages to the near by shrines
Organizing prayer experience/ Lectio Divina or any other way situated to your work places
Discussion and sharing on the life of Martyrs/ saints of the Church and in your place

NB: Visit this wedsite to get more information on Asia Youth Day, celebration:

The 6th Asian Youth Day
Rise up in splendor! (Isaiah 60,1)

※ What’s Asian Youth Day?
Asian Youth Day (AYD) is the coming together of Catholic youths from different Asian countries. This weeklong life experience enables young people to gather and plan their spiritual lives for the future. At the same time, the gathering aims to provide an opportunity for Catholic youths to explore and renew their faith, so that they can share the Gospel with others through the work of justice and peace. AYD also includes the sharing of faith with other religious groups.
※ How did the AYD come about?
In 1991, during the World Youth Day in Czestochowa (Poland), representatives from over 30 Asian countries attended the Third International Youth Forum. At the forum, they expressed their hopes of establishing different channels and networks for various kinds of exchanges, and organizing activities especially designed for Catholic youths in Asia. The Youth sent their hopes to the believers of the Federation of Asian Bishops’Conferences (FABC) and Office of Laity and Family (OLF).
In 1993, a youth consultation conference was held in Bangkok, Thailand, where the youth representatives from Asian countries suggested that a youth working group be formed. The Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conference (FABC) agreed with this suggestion and actively cooperated in communicating with the representatives, and helping efforts to establish the organization.
In 1994, the Youth Desk was officially established as an affiliate of OLF in FABC. The Youth Desk has successfully organized a series of activities for Asian youths and youth leaders, including the Asian Youth Gathering during World Youth Day, the Asian Youth Ministers’Meeting and Asian Youth Day. With the efforts of the Youth Desk, the first official Asian Youth Day was held in Hua Hin, Thailand.

The 1st Day: Aug 13(Wed.)
“Come and see” (Jn 1:39)
The opening mass takes place in Solomoe Shrine, the birth place of the first Korean priest and martyr, St. Andrew Kim Dae-gon.

The 2nd Day: Aug 14(Thu.)
“Let’s discover the roots of our faith ”
On the 2nd day, we will observe where our faith is rooted and how it has been handed over to us, especially in Korea but also in the other Asian countries. Also it’ll be a day to realize how many people sacrificed their lives so that we may receive our faith. Finally we’ll be guided to realize that the true roots of our faith are in the Cross of Christ.
– COUNTRY EXHIBITS (Roots of our faith)

The 3rd Day: Aug 15(Fri.)
“Youth, Knock !!!”
In the world of today, there are many anti-Christian values, and many young people living as disciples of Christ are threatened by them. This reality can be seen as a new form of persecution to the young people. How can the youth deal with this new kind of persecution? This is the time to knock in order to wake up the passion for the faith that lays down in the hearts of the young people.

The 4th Day: Aug 16(Sat.)
“Let’s walk along with Jesus and the martyrs”
the 4th day, we will learn the passion and courage embodied in the life of martyrs, with which the youths can stand strong. Also the youths will celebrate the land of martyrs by holding a festival.
– PILGRIMAGE: Youth pilgrimage takes place following the footsteps of the Korean martyrs.

The 5th DAY: Aug 17(Sun.)
“Go into the whole world and proclaim the gospel” (Mk16,15)
Jesus grants us a mission to live as His Church with Him in the world.
Concluding the 6th Asian Youth Day, with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist (MASS)

FMA, Ambito per la Pastorale Giovanile Roma

3 luglio 2014

European SYM Coordination

Small Teal Meet of SYM Europe

June 20- 22, 2014


A Youth coordinator and four other young persons chosen from the General Assembly which  formed  the small Team along with with Don Robert Simon, sdb and Sr. Lolia, fma had meeting from June 20-22, 2014, to evaluate the previous GA, at Krako  and to plan for the ensuing GA at Austria.  The meeting began with a prayer moment led by Don Robert Simon, basing the theme on an extract from the document of the 23rd General Chapter of the Salesian of Don Bosco, Fr. Egidio  Vigano – 7th Successor of Don Bosco. Followed by Evaluation of the previous GA  and planning for the next GA .


During the course of the days the members were privileged to meet Rector Major who gave inspiring message on  how the SYM should give space for young people to grow and matured into integrated persons of the society. He exhorted that in all our, animations we should guarantee Salesian Identity because it is our specific gift to the Church.

Don Fabio Attard, Councillor for Youth Pastoral, explained the three icons of SDBs and FMAs educative methods, basing on the three dreams of Don Bosco.  1824, 1844 and 1886 respectively.

1824 at the age of 9 Johnny Bosco saw changed wild animals changed into Lambs,  in this dream God gave to Johnny a vision and method, not with blows but with gentleness and kindness.

1844  Don Bosco saw the Lambs are changed into shepherds, here we see the first sign of Don Bosco’s mission and how Don Bosco responded to this special mission, by growing, missionaries from within, facilitating the process.

1886, the third dream shepherds becoming missionaries to the whole world. Become agents and witnesses to the Gospel. He beautifully connected the SYM with the dreams of Don Bosco, and urged the members to have vision and forge ahead with courage with the strength of the Holy Spirit and the guidance of Mary.

Sr. Maria Carmen, councillor for Youth Pastoral, spoke  on how we need to make young people the protagonists of our mission but not without the guidance of an adult. SDBs and FMAs need to accompany and walk along side of the young people.

The small team also  had the privileged  of meeting the two Regional Superiors of Europe, Don Tadeus Rozmus and Don Stefano Martoglio, who gave their full support in facilitating the SYM in Europe through the Provincials and the Delegates and in their own capacities .


The small team had a very enriching and beautiful encountered, among themselves and with the Superiors.





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