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The Glory of the Martyrs (Asian Youth Day Theme song)

23 luglio 2014

Asian Youth Meet South Korea 13-17 August, 2014.

23 luglio 2014

Theme: “Asian Youth Wake up! The glory of martyrs shines on you.”

Join this great event of the Church and particularly for the Church in Asia. These are days of Grace. Let us Celebrate it meaningfully and joyfully this spiritual experience.
The theme calls each and every one of us, young and old to be a missionary of the gospel, a proclaimer of truth, a witness of love before the world. “Today, as the Church seeks to experience a profound missionary renewal, there is a kind of preaching which falls to each one of us as a daily responsibility. It has to do with bringing the gospel to the people we meet, they can be our neighbours or complete strangers… being a disciple means being constantly ready to bring the love of Jesus to others, and this can happen unexpectedly and in any place…” (Evangelii Gaudium,127).
Asian Youth day theme stresses the following:
 To discover the roots of our faith
 Importance of Prayer in our daily life
 Youth to be champions of evangelization
We have also another significant event that coincide with Asian Youth Day is the opening of the Bi-centenary Year of Don Bosco’s Birth which will be held on 16th August. Hence it is befitting to put these two great events together and prepare our youth both Catholic and the Non- catholic students in our schools, colleges, oratories and other centres for a meanigful celebration of our Faith.
Suggestions for the Asian Youth Day:
Workshop on New Evangelization for the catholic Students
Organizing pilgrimages to the near by shrines
Organizing prayer experience/ Lectio Divina or any other way situated to your work places
Discussion and sharing on the life of Martyrs/ saints of the Church and in your place

NB: Visit this wedsite to get more information on Asia Youth Day, celebration:

The 6th Asian Youth Day
Rise up in splendor! (Isaiah 60,1)

※ What’s Asian Youth Day?
Asian Youth Day (AYD) is the coming together of Catholic youths from different Asian countries. This weeklong life experience enables young people to gather and plan their spiritual lives for the future. At the same time, the gathering aims to provide an opportunity for Catholic youths to explore and renew their faith, so that they can share the Gospel with others through the work of justice and peace. AYD also includes the sharing of faith with other religious groups.
※ How did the AYD come about?
In 1991, during the World Youth Day in Czestochowa (Poland), representatives from over 30 Asian countries attended the Third International Youth Forum. At the forum, they expressed their hopes of establishing different channels and networks for various kinds of exchanges, and organizing activities especially designed for Catholic youths in Asia. The Youth sent their hopes to the believers of the Federation of Asian Bishops’Conferences (FABC) and Office of Laity and Family (OLF).
In 1993, a youth consultation conference was held in Bangkok, Thailand, where the youth representatives from Asian countries suggested that a youth working group be formed. The Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conference (FABC) agreed with this suggestion and actively cooperated in communicating with the representatives, and helping efforts to establish the organization.
In 1994, the Youth Desk was officially established as an affiliate of OLF in FABC. The Youth Desk has successfully organized a series of activities for Asian youths and youth leaders, including the Asian Youth Gathering during World Youth Day, the Asian Youth Ministers’Meeting and Asian Youth Day. With the efforts of the Youth Desk, the first official Asian Youth Day was held in Hua Hin, Thailand.

The 1st Day: Aug 13(Wed.)
“Come and see” (Jn 1:39)
The opening mass takes place in Solomoe Shrine, the birth place of the first Korean priest and martyr, St. Andrew Kim Dae-gon.

The 2nd Day: Aug 14(Thu.)
“Let’s discover the roots of our faith ”
On the 2nd day, we will observe where our faith is rooted and how it has been handed over to us, especially in Korea but also in the other Asian countries. Also it’ll be a day to realize how many people sacrificed their lives so that we may receive our faith. Finally we’ll be guided to realize that the true roots of our faith are in the Cross of Christ.
- COUNTRY EXHIBITS (Roots of our faith)

The 3rd Day: Aug 15(Fri.)
“Youth, Knock !!!”
In the world of today, there are many anti-Christian values, and many young people living as disciples of Christ are threatened by them. This reality can be seen as a new form of persecution to the young people. How can the youth deal with this new kind of persecution? This is the time to knock in order to wake up the passion for the faith that lays down in the hearts of the young people.

The 4th Day: Aug 16(Sat.)
“Let’s walk along with Jesus and the martyrs”
the 4th day, we will learn the passion and courage embodied in the life of martyrs, with which the youths can stand strong. Also the youths will celebrate the land of martyrs by holding a festival.
- PILGRIMAGE: Youth pilgrimage takes place following the footsteps of the Korean martyrs.

The 5th DAY: Aug 17(Sun.)
“Go into the whole world and proclaim the gospel” (Mk16,15)
Jesus grants us a mission to live as His Church with Him in the world.
Concluding the 6th Asian Youth Day, with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist (MASS)

FMA, Ambito per la Pastorale Giovanile Roma

3 luglio 2014

European SYM Coordination

Small Teal Meet of SYM Europe

June 20- 22, 2014


A Youth coordinator and four other young persons chosen from the General Assembly which  formed  the small Team along with with Don Robert Simon, sdb and Sr. Lolia, fma had meeting from June 20-22, 2014, to evaluate the previous GA, at Krako  and to plan for the ensuing GA at Austria.  The meeting began with a prayer moment led by Don Robert Simon, basing the theme on an extract from the document of the 23rd General Chapter of the Salesian of Don Bosco, Fr. Egidio  Vigano – 7th Successor of Don Bosco. Followed by Evaluation of the previous GA  and planning for the next GA .


During the course of the days the members were privileged to meet Rector Major who gave inspiring message on  how the SYM should give space for young people to grow and matured into integrated persons of the society. He exhorted that in all our, animations we should guarantee Salesian Identity because it is our specific gift to the Church.

Don Fabio Attard, Councillor for Youth Pastoral, explained the three icons of SDBs and FMAs educative methods, basing on the three dreams of Don Bosco.  1824, 1844 and 1886 respectively.

1824 at the age of 9 Johnny Bosco saw changed wild animals changed into Lambs,  in this dream God gave to Johnny a vision and method, not with blows but with gentleness and kindness.

1844  Don Bosco saw the Lambs are changed into shepherds, here we see the first sign of Don Bosco’s mission and how Don Bosco responded to this special mission, by growing, missionaries from within, facilitating the process.

1886, the third dream shepherds becoming missionaries to the whole world. Become agents and witnesses to the Gospel. He beautifully connected the SYM with the dreams of Don Bosco, and urged the members to have vision and forge ahead with courage with the strength of the Holy Spirit and the guidance of Mary.

Sr. Maria Carmen, councillor for Youth Pastoral, spoke  on how we need to make young people the protagonists of our mission but not without the guidance of an adult. SDBs and FMAs need to accompany and walk along side of the young people.

The small team also  had the privileged  of meeting the two Regional Superiors of Europe, Don Tadeus Rozmus and Don Stefano Martoglio, who gave their full support in facilitating the SYM in Europe through the Provincials and the Delegates and in their own capacities .


The small team had a very enriching and beautiful encountered, among themselves and with the Superiors.




From ‘The Jungle Book’ to… St. Peter’s Square!

17 giugno 2014
More than 200 scouts of all ages filled St. Peter’s Square during the last General Audience. They came all the way from Caserta, south Italy, to see Pope Francis.
“The audience was very beautiful. The Pope said that we must follow the Lord, which is something that we already do, but it’s was good having this reminder.”
This group of little explorers was ready to make any effort possible to get to the Vatican on time. They had a 5-hour ride to arrive to St. Peter’s half an hour before the beginning of the Audience. But, alas, they didn’t count on the whims of Roman traffic.
“We left at 4 AM in the morning and we got to Rome at 9:30. We had reserved seats, but we arrived late because of the traffic… So we could only see the Pope from one side of the Square. Anyhow, it was really nice.”
Still, they didn’t miss the chance of proudly showing off their uniforms, as well as their hats, ribbons and flags. Each one of them has a different meaning.
“The kids wearing hats are ‘wolf cubs’ and range from 8-years-old to 11-years-old. They follow ‘The Jungle Book,’ the book by Kipling. The older ones, whose ages go from 11 to 16, live in tents, in the wild… And then the oldest ones, from 18 to 21-years-old, are devoted to service.”
There was no trace of fatigue or disappointment on their faces, despite the long trip and the Roman heat. They are ready to start their trip back home, happy they saw Pope Francis.

Vatican announces Human Trafficking campaign for Brazil’s World Cup 2014

20 maggio 2014
It’s no secret that Pope Francis is a huge soccer fan. In the past year, he has received everything from personalized jerseys to signed soccer balls. 
On a social level, it’s also true that he has been very vocal about condemned human trafficking.
Now a group of religious are putting these two factors together, by launching a campaign against human trafficking, specifically during the World Cup in Brazil in mid June. It’s called:  Play for Life
Talitha Kum
“Without this awareness, the World Cup Final may turn out to be a terrible shame instead of a feast for humanity.”
The campaign is being launched by Talitha Kum, which includes a worldwide network of women religious who for years now, have helped victims and developed prevention programs. Falling into the trap, they say, isn’t as complicated as it may seem. A false promise of a better job is often the hook. 
Talitha Kum
“They trick them by offering them what seems to be like a dream job in another city or foreign country, so they go voluntarily. But then they’re forced into prostitution. The fact that they go voluntarily at first makes the business more lucrative and much more easier for the criminals.” 
The plan of action is already underway in Brazil. It includes marketing in the cities buses and metros, education in schools and a presence at airports and other high risk areas.  
But when it comes to human trafficking, these sisters say, it’s not just about sexual exploitation. The problem also includes the sale of organs, forced labor and vulnerable children also face high risks. 
Talitha Kum
“There are a lot of forms of kidnapping. This includes the adoption of kids who eventually disappear without a trace. Then there are those who are kidnapped to be beggars.” 
About 21 million people are affected by this crime worldwide. Some experts the industry is becoming even more lucrative than the sale of illegal drugs. 

Nace una aplicación que ayuda a superar la adicción al smartphone

12 maggio 2014
Por muy paradójico que parezca gracias a una aplicación puedes superar tu adicción al smartphone
Y es que siete de cada diez usuarios menores de 45 años sufre algún tipo de dependencia a los teléfonos inteligentes. 
“No podemos vivir sin el móvil”.
“Tú piensas en coger el bolso y miras antes si tienes el móvil dentro, si no lo tienes, vuelves a por él”. 
“Lo primero que hago cuando me levanto por las mañanas es leer las noticias y revisar mis emails”.
Por eso, dos españoles crearon FaceUp, una aplicación que ayuda a disminuir el tiempo que dedicas a los smartphones. 
Primero realiza un test para medir el nivel de dependencia y propone una serie de retos para superarla. Por ejemplo, no utilizarlo en cenas en las que haya más personas, no consultar el teléfono desde la cama o no usarlo cuando se esté a solas con amigos o pareja.
Mientras hay quiénes asumen que ya no pueden vivir sin su smartphone, otros no consideran que su uso sea una adicción:
“Creo que podemos dejar de usarlo si queremos. No es como si estuviéramos jugando a juegos y nos ponemos nerviosas si no podemos. Es sólo que queremos ver qué está pasando y saber cómo son las vidas de los otros”.
“Si bien hay que fomentarle a los chicos no estar tan pendiente de lo electrónico, la Playstation y todas estas cosas que no aportan nada. Tienen que salir, hacer deporte, relacionarse con gente. Pero también reportarse, dónde están, qué están haciendo, con quién están. Está bueno saber”.
“Desconecta y vívelo” es el lema de la aplicación y gracias a FaceUp será más fácil levantar la vista de la pantalla y dedicar el tiempo a las personas.

Kerygma Awards recognizes short film about miscommunication

8 maggio 2014
A bar, a couple and two cellphones. These few ingredients were more than enough for the short film “Dis-connect” to win the IV Edition of the Kerygma Awards.
Director ‘Dis-connect’
“My friend came up with the  idea of the couple disappearing while they’re using the phone. Which is basically what happens when we use our phones: we forget about other people.”
This international short film competition calls on young people to reflect on topics like the value of silence and forgiveness. This year’s theme was peace. The short film that won shows how sometimes technology is not that helpful when it comes to communication…
Director ‘Dis-connect’
“Peace is a very large idea. But when we got to the very bottom maybe a very simplistic theme about relations between people, we thought: this is very important because it affects mostly everyday”. 
Since its first edition, back in 2010, the Kerygma Awards gained quality and prestige. Celebrities like American actor Martin Sheen backed the project. 
Its main goal is to give youth the opportunity to express themselves through cinema and also shed light on universal topics.

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