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Feast of St. John Paul II

22 ottobre 2016

19 ottobre 2016



News of St. Mary’s Higher Secondary School, Guwahati, Assam India

Felicitation of the Rank holders in the HSSLC, Assam, India(ING)

This year the Lord has blessed St. Mary’s Guwahati, Assam, with excellent HSLC Result. Twelve students were awarded with state ranks with their excellent performance. The School felicitated these students in a solemn manner at ST. Mary’s Higher Secondary School. His Excellency, Shri. Sarbanada Sonowal, Chief Minister of Assam was invited for this occasion as the Chief Guest. The Students with great enthusiasm welcomed our honourable Chief Minister in the traditional way and the school felicitated him and extended to him a very warm welcome. On this auspicious occasion the presence of Sr.Elizabeth George, Provincial, Guwahati Province and the Sisters from the neighbouring communities made the event more solemn.

Shri. Sarbanada Sonowal, Chief Minister, Assam congratulated the Management and staff for their dedicated service and the rank holders for their wonderful performance. He also motivated the students with his inspiring speech. He stressed on the necessity of hard work and requested the students to appreciate their best years of life in the school. Above all he requested the students to appreciate the Moral science classes which will enable them to form their character and behaviour which will mark ultimately their success in life. He finally distributed the awards to all the students. The day was really a red letter day which will be cherished by all of us, especially the young people.

After the function in the School, the Honorable Chief Minister came to the residence of the Sisters spent and spent a good time where he reiterated his appreciation for the Sisters for their selfless dedication and commitment in the service of the society, and their loving and caring ways of bringing up the students and giving them the integral formation in a wonderful manner and he requested the Sisters to continue the good works for the state and its people.










International Day for the Eradication of Poverty

17 ottobre 2016


Today is the International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. This year, the theme celebrated is “Moving from humiliation and exclusion to participation: Ending poverty in all its forms.” Let us remember that poverty is a multi-faceted reality: aside from material deprivation, it also entails exclusion from the basic opportunities and liberties that allow human beings to flourish in their environment.

Cristiada Film

16 ottobre 2016


16 ottobre 2016

Anthem Competition

14 ottobre 2016



The Salesian Youth Movement in Europe has chosen its logo, but has not yet its own official anthem, that is, a song that can be sung and played at every official meeting of SYM Europe, but also in meetings of national and local groups. For this “Small Team SYM Europe”, invites everyone to participate in a music contest for the official anthem of SYM Europe.

The competition launched this summer has been extended until 10 November 2016. There is no age limit for participants.  It is not reserved exclusively to professional musicians, but the author must be somehow linked to the Salesian Youth Movement.

Each author may submit up to 3 songs, and if their song wins the contest, must agree to Small Team SYM Europe being granted, without cost, a worldwide, perpetual and exclusive licence to use the audio and text of the song for any purpose, including the right to record, reproduce, publish, execute, communicate, adapt and re-allocate such rights to third parties. In the case of songs that do not win the contest, the candidate will retain full ownership of the rights to the song.

Each song must be the original work of one or more people. The text must be in the English language work. The songs must include some keywords from the SYM Europe Document and reflect the spirit of the SYM. The song must not exceed 3 minutes in duration.

By – 10 November 2016, the Applicant must send an e-mail to with the following file attached:

  • The registration form (signed and scanned, in PDF format)
  • A document containing the text of the song
  • A file containing the audio of the song

The selection criteria are: an original song; an appropriate catchy melody; the song should not refer to a specific occasion and can be used at any SYM Europe event; the text of the song should be suitable for the purpose; the song must be recorded in good sound quality. A commission, selected by Small Team SYM Europe, will select the three best entries and thereafter the participants at the next General Assembly of the SYM Europe will choose the winning anthem. The Commission’s decision is final.

The name of the song and of the winning author will be revealed on 27 November 2016 on the Facebook page of SYM Europe SYM – Salesian Youth Movement Europe.

For more information and to request a registration form:



Marian Vigil in the Jubilee of Mercy

13 ottobre 2016