Sahayini Centre: Success Stories of Shahid and Rosemary

Shahid: My name is Shahid Shaikh, I am 25 years old. I was a healthy boy later I also met in an accident in the year 2015 and my left hand is affect by brachial paralyses. I can’t do anything with my left hand. I was shattered and wanted to commit suicide thinking about my family status. I got job offers at a number of places but due to my defect I was always rejected. I was devastated. Then my cousin sister told me about courses offered at free of cost with job placement at Sahayini. I grabbed the opportunity at once and came to the institute. Here I met the Centre Manager and took admission. I met Sr. Roseline and she told me to be confident and that I would get a job. Today I am blest with a job at Investor Junction, Thane as a Tele-caller. Here at Sahayini I learnt spoken English, Computers, Team building, Life-skills and career management.



Rosemary: Hi, I am Rosemary Francis. I am 27 years old. I was born in Hyderabad. I was an infant, about 6 months old when I lost my parents in an incident. A neighbouring family who were Maharashtrians took care of me. My maternal uncle got me married at the age of 17. There were a lot of misunderstanding and arguments between me and my in-laws for petty reasons. Now it’s been 10 years since I was married and God has blest me with 3 kids. After a long struggle, I got to know about Sahayini offering courses in ITES/ BPO training through my neighbours. I joined the ITES course conducted here at Sahayini. I have learnt how to operate a computer, speak English fluently and confidently, Life-Skills, and Career Management too. Later I went for an interview at Hansa Direct Company and was selected. I am happy that I have got knowledge about the digital world. I thank Sr. Rosaline and her team as well.





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  1. All honour and glory to God for the wonderful service to young people through Sahayini under the leadership of Sr.Roseline. Sr.Tamizh arasi


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