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1 febbraio 2017




In preparation for the European gathering of the Salesian Youth Movement (SYM), scheduled to take place from 11 to 16 August 2017, the coordinators from the so-called “Small Team SYM Europe” have unveiled the logo for the event. The logo is in three parts representing a set of arrows – blue representing vision, red for passion and yellow for mission. The three parts can also be seen as referring to the Trinity: Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

In choosing the logo for the gathering the “Small Team” considered over 30 proposals from Austria, Montenegro, Slovenia, France and Portugal. On Sunday 22 January, feast of Blessed Laura Vicuña – one of the most distinguished of Salesian Youth Spirituality models – the Small Team selected as winner the logo designed by Anais and Anne-Florence from SYM France-Southern Belgium.

The description accompanying the logo explains that the vision is represented by the blue arrow at the bottom left. To see the future now, while we need to look ahead, we must also draw on our roots so the arrow points down. The blue colour also expresses our dreams, the sky and the horizon.

Passion is represented by the red arrow on the lower right. To achieve a goal, there must be energy at the heart of the project, and at the heart of the mission with young people. Red expresses this energy, but also the love that urges us to reach the target with heart, hope and enthusiasm (carrying God within us). This energy must be put into practice and so this second arrow is also pointing downwards.

Finally, the Mission is represented by the yellow arrow pointing up. It is the result of the vision and passion, by which it which is supported, and it needs momentum to go forward with joy which is represented by the colour yellow.

These 3 parts are connected by paths (white lines) that form a small cube, while everything converges on a gift which is God at the centre.

Viewed as a whole, the shape of the logo can also be seen as a gift pack. When we combine vision, passion, mission and God, we are actually offering a gift.

Further information on the SYM gathering is available on the Europa website:



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