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Guwahati Province AYM Youth FEST 2016: Theme: Blessed are the Merciful for they shall receive mercy

16 giugno 2016

Guwahati Province AYM Youth FEST 2016

Theme: Blessed are the Merciful for they shall receive mercy




Hundreds of Young People, FMAs, and Young Adult of ING, celebrated the Year of Mercy in a unique way, AYM Youth Fest 2016. Awards were given to some young people who did some extra ordinary acts of mercy.

ING AYM Youth Fest was preceded with days of spiritual animation. Sr. Elizabeth George, Provincial, was the chief Guest for the inaugural session. Through the symbolic lighting of the lamp, participants, invite Jesus to be their Light. Responding to the cry of nature and in line with Pope Francis’ appeal to take care of our mother Earth, two saplings were planted, symbolically representing our resolution to take care of our planet. Sr. Elizabeth the Provincial hoisted the AYM flag. Sr. Elizabeth, exhorted young people to be of service to others. She gave examples of how every person and created things are meant for the other. Rivers do not drink its own water. Trees do not eat its own fruit. Sun does not give heat and light for itself. We too ought to live for others.

Calling upon the young to take Christ as their hero, Sr. Elizabeth said, in Christ you will find fulfillment for every desire. He alone can satisfy your deepest longing. Adoration and confession were moments of grace for all the participants. The witnessing lives of young people were truely edifying, they participated in the Sacraments with great fervor. The whole compound resounded with the prayers and hymns.

Concluded the day with the testimony of Mario Joseph, a Muslim mam who was converted to Catholicism through the reading and understanding of the Koran, The participants were truly inspired by the life of that courageous man and by his conviction in his new found faith, in the Catholic Church.




Sr. Emilia Chopfohra animated the Morning Prayer and enable young people to encounter the person of Jesus, God of miracles. Fr. Benny SDB, Rector of Don Bosco Maligaon presided over the Holy Mass for the young people. He challenged the young to become saints as sanctity can be achieved at any age and by all. He also called upon the young to have a deep rooted faith in Jesus without whom life has no signal to go on.

A very insightful session was taken by Fr. C. P Anto, Director and founder of Peace channel, Kohima Diocese.  With his creativity and enthusiasm, he made the sessions very interactive and lively. “Aspire to inspire before you expire” was how he started his session. He spoke on Possibility to think, Positive thinking and Mercy thinking. Suggesting to them a secret of remaining young and beautiful, he said, “Everyday spend some time with God. He said, “Christians are happy people, loving and forgiving people.” He also heighted some strength of youth as: Open and friendly, Leadable Youth, Good at organizing, Excellent at team/group work, Ability to do hard work, and a strong sense of equality

The afternoon hours saw all the young people vying with one another in the various competitions-Skit, Choreography, Choir, Drawing and Essay Writing Completions. The theme being Mercy, all the competitions were based on mercy. Very inspiring to see our young people so creative and competent in everything they do. A unique competition ‘The Best Mercy Award’ was also conducted. It was based on the Corporal and Spiritual works of mercy which the youth has performed in a tangible manner. The cultural evening added color and memorable experience of mosaic and rich cultures of our region.

The final day of the Youth Fest began with thanksgiving prayers. His Grace, Most Rev. John Moolachira, Archbishop of Guwahati diocese presided over the Holy Mass. Being the Holy Trinity Sunday, he explained to them about the Holy Trinity in simple language, understandable to them. He brought many examples to bring as analogy for the Holy Trinity. He started by asking the young people the chemical formula of water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2). He finally asked them the chemical formula of the Holy Trinity and gave them the answer himself – FSS (Father, Son, and Spirit). The Archbishop expressed his deep joy to see many vibrant youth, a clear indication of the Church that is growing.

The culmination of the youth gathering was AYM Youth Fest May 22.2016, in the presence of Rev. Sr. Lucy Rose, Visiting Councilor. The auditorium of St. Mary’s Maligaon was filled with multifarious dynamic youth. Sr. Lucy Rose along with Sr. Elizabeth George, Provincial and some other senior Sisters were solemnly escorted to the dais by representatives of different groups decked in their traditional attires. The young talents unfolded one after another as they performed various items. The band display by the students of St. Mary’s Maligaon stole the show. All sat in rapt attention as Rev. Sr. Lucy Rose, delivered her message. She called upon the young people to be people of hope and to be agents of change in the world. She appreciated the presence of many young people and all their mind blooming performances. Prizes were given to the winners of the various competitions.

The AYM flag was lowered at its conclusion and two youth handed over the flag to Sr. Sania Rose Mary, Province Delegate for Youth Pastoral. The AYM theme song was sang with great enthusiasm by all the participants and concluded grand AYM Youth Fest 2016, with echoes of ‘Ciao’, ‘Arrivederci’ wishing each other as they parted as friends whom they met as strangers.




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