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PGSI 2016 “You gotta believe until the end”

4 maggio 2016





General Councillor for Youth Ministry Via dell’Ateneo Salesiano,

81 – 00139 ROMA Tel. 06/872741

April 10, 2016


Dear Friends,

Isn’t it great to be together once again, on this annual appointment of Salesian groups from all across Europe, doing well what we enjoy best, that is, sports? This International Games is unique because it will be held in two Countries – Slovakia and Austria – and all of you will have the chance to experience their hospitality and get to know their people and land.

The theme of these year’s games is “You gotta believe until the end”. It is a very powerful theme. It evokes faith, discipline and perseverance. These three characteristics are very important in games and competitions. It is not enough to have a good start. You must continue, push forward and hold on until the finish life. But it is also true about our life. We must make a step and persevere until we reach the end.

The PGS International Games are not only occasions of testing your athletic abilities or competing for a prize. These Games are always opportunities to get to know other people and other cultures, to have a greater sense of belonging to the big Salesian Family, and to pay attention to the spiritual dimension of our life through the prayers, Sacraments, Masses and other initiatives offered to the participants.

I am sure that each one of you has a mobile phone or a tablet to which you automatically turn once you are free. I challenge you: leave them aside and pay attention to the person in front of you or beside you, or live and savor the experience you are having. You might not have a second chance to see the people you will meet here, nor another chance at living the same experience that is offered here. Get to know more people, especially those that come from other places. Try to discover something about them, about their culture, about their traditions, about their hopes for the future. Make friends with people whom you meet in the flesh; don’t be satisfied with your “virtual” friends. It is only when we have a face-to-face encounter with people that we will discover that a lot of people are good, and there are so many different and creative and original ways of doing things. Being in touch with others will also help us to face and to overcome our fears.

Yes, my dear friends, start well, try your best and end well. Not all of you will go home with medals and trophies, but this will not take away from you the joy of a wonderful experience and of finding friends who share your same dreams, who face your same struggles and who work for the same hopes that you have.

God bless you all. With my affection,

Sr. Runita G. Borja FMA



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