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Celebrating Don Bosco Day (St. John Neumann High School, Naples, Florida)

12 febbraio 2016

On Thursday, January 28, 2016, to start of the celebration of Don Bosco’s Feast Day held in Miami, Florida, Seniors and Juniors from St. John Neumann High School in Naples, Florida had their annual retreat. The retreat was planned and carried out by our Salesian Leadership Team.
The next day, January 29, 2016, the rest of the students from St. John Neumann High School were driven down to celebrate the annual “Don Bosco Day” with our other Salesian High School – Immaculata-LaSalle – in Miami, Florida. We were about 1,200 students and teachers. The day began with a beautiful celebration of the Eucharist with Fr. John Nazzaro, SDB. After Mass, students were treated to lunch and were free to go about the campus enjoying all kinds of games and activities. It was a day filled with great Salesian joy and camaraderie.
Here are some reflections on the day by the newest members of our Salesian School in Naples:
“I liked the Mass and the skit they did with Don Bosco and Mother Mazzarello at the beginning. We had lots of fun!” Maddie O.
“What I liked most about Don Bosco Day was visiting a different campus. It was a completely different environment but with people who share the same beliefs.” Hannah R.
“I liked that the Salesian Schools got to unite together as one big community and family.” Jonah G.
“I think it is really cool to see young people with a common faith all come together.” Cami H.
“I liked all the fun activities and yummy food they had for us. The day was short but I had a blast.” Grace K.
“I liked how we had Mass first and then had fun outside. I wish we could get together more with the other students in Miami.” Lexi M.
“I enjoyed the Mass we had. It was fun even though it was Mass! It wasn’t just two separate schools – we were a Salesian Family.” Britney Z.
“I liked being able to see and meet other kids who have the same mindset as us.” Michael D.
“Don Bosco Day was really fun. I met some new people, had fun with the friends I currently have and just had a blast.” Shea S.
“I liked the festivities they had set up on Don Bosco Day. I enjoyed the different games and the whole set up. I also enjoyed the Mass, especially the skit at the beginning. I thought it was very interesting and creative the way they did the re-enactment.” Richard R.
“My favorite part of Don Bosco Day was just seeing and being with so many other people who believe in all the things we believe in. Being able to see that I am a part of such a big and great Salesian family made me feel so blessed. ” Regan M.
“I liked how energetic the Mass was and how nice the people were.” Sabrina B.
“My favorite part of Don Bosco Day was seeing how we were all happy and how we joined together to celebrate Don Bosco.” Kali R.
“What I liked about Don Bosco Day was the contagious enthusiasm that spread through everyone. It was refreshing and a new perspective on how to celebrate Catholicism.” Hannah A.
“What I liked about Don Bosco Day was how ILS High School welcomed us and showed us for the first time how big our Salesian family is.” Karla C.

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