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Youth Pastoral Day UK (GBR)

23 luglio 2015

Youth Pastoral Day 2015 (GBR Province)

GRB photo

Salesian Sisters and Laity gathered at the Provincial House for our annual Youth Pastoral Day. The theme for the day was ‘Continuing the Dream… with new Brushstrokes’. We chose this theme because we wanted everyone to look at how we can make the dream of Don Bosco relevant to our young people today, in 2015. We based the idea around a quote from Mother Yvonne:

Today, we are called to complete the work sketched by Don Bosco and Maria Domenica Mazzarello… to restore the splendour to the ancient colours with new brushstrokes.’
Mother Yvonne Reungoat

As this is the Bi-Centenary year of Don Bosco, we chose to focus on his story and so we also focused on his words:

“You will complete the work that I have started: I sketch, you will paint in the colours.’

The day also followed the theme of the Strenna. Session One was entitled ‘Like Don Bosco’. In this session, we looked together at Don Bosco’s ‘oratorian heart’. This was followed by a very lively group discussion, where participants were encouraged to reflect on how we can each live the call of ‘da mihi animas’ today, in our present youth culture.

Session Two was called ‘With the Young’. In this exciting session, we looked at the present reality of the world of young people. We also took part in some very engaging discussions on the questions young people asked at the most recent Chapter.

Session Three was entitled, ‘For the Young’. In this session, we invited two visiting speakers to talk about their experience of working with young people on the margins. One speaker discussed the impact of economic poverty on young people and discussed the work of ‘Food banks’. This is a project that gives out food to families who are not in the financial position to buy their own. Another speaker focused on spiritual and emotional poverty and talked about his experience of being a prison chaplain. He shared with us his thoughts on what we can try and do as Salesian educators to prevent young people from turning to crime. Both speakers were inspiring and left us with many questions and thoughts.

The day began and ended with creative prayer, as well as everyone sharing a wonderful lunch. We believe that the dream of Don Bosco is very much alive here in GBR and we look forward to the challenges and opportunities that will come our way as we strive to move forwards together.

Mary Biddle,
Youth Pastoral Coordinator

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