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At Home with the Young People

12 ottobre 2014

Rome. Today the Chapter members and laity shared a significant time in the Chapter session with the presence of a group of young representatives of the different European provinces. They come from various countries of Europe, but were present in the name of the young people of the different Countries of the world.
On the evening of the 10th the encounter began with a time of mutual getting to know one another and the presentation of the young people of the CIEM, CII, CIEP Conferences and representatives of the Auxilium. The presentation unfolded in an original way to the rhythm of music. It was a moment lived in the sign of Salesian celebration, and was concluded with the words of Mother Yvonne who said among other things: “Finding ourselves here together makes us happy, and this evening our joy is complete because the young people are with us. We were waiting for you, because we cannot live without you. The sign of our encounter is joy, because a Salesian house/home cannot exist without joy. It is very beautiful to think that the whole world is here, every continent is represented by FMA, laypersons, and young people. I hope that you will allow yourselves to be touched by this experience and to live it together intensely”.
On the morning of October 11th, FMA, laity, and young people found themselves together to praise the Lord of life in the Eucharistic Celebration to the joyous rhythm of an African dance.
At the beginning of the work Mother expressed her joy at finding the Assembly together with the young people in listening to their expectations and hopes. “To you, young people especially, I want to say that you have been the center of our attention from the time of our choice of a Chapter theme: “To be with today’s young people a home that evangelizes”. The evangelizer is the whole educating community, but the real evangelizers are the young people themselves. We adults are-or should be-leaders, facilitators, discreet and coherent witnesses. We cannot think of a home that evangelizes without young people. The future belongs to those who have wings to fly and firm roots, Today we want to build together the ‘home’ of dreams and signs!”.
There was then presented a synthesis of the reflections from the previous day with the laity, and there were highlighted the key words of “being an Educating Community impassioned for the charism”: accompaniment, listening, smile, networking with people, citizens of the Internet, welcome, Preventive System…
During the morning the central moment was that of listening to the young people who offered their thoughts on the 4 questions of the Working Document: How are we to proclaim Jesus in a changing world, to a generation that is changing? What is the new vision of the community with young people? What prophecy of religious life is asked of us? How are we to find ourselves in the culture of communication?
They highlighted the beauty of being first of all the beauty of being a community on a journey, and a “house/home” consisting of four pillars: welcome, motherliness, witness and prayer; being with young people where they are, and sharing the same language, even through the new media; proclaiming to the young people that God loves them even in the struggle and precariousness of life; listening to young people and their search for meaning; accompanying them to the encounter with Jesus.

Every report was is followed by an exchange of ideas in small groups, and then a time of sharing on what emerged from the exchange. At the end of the morning, each group prepared a tweet to express all the richness of the experience of reflection and discussion together ( – #CasaConIgiovani).
In the afternoon, FMA, laity and young people, met in language groups, to respond to a single question: What must we do “To be a home that evangelizes with the young people” as an EC, which changes must we make, which attitudes are we to empower, particularly in relationships, such as the priorities of the mission, and toward which peripheries are we to go? From the findings that emerged in the groups on this theme a final synthesis was presented in the concluding assembly with a successive dialogue.
In the program of the day a few young people of the Cinecircoli Giovanili Socioculturali (CGS) shared the experience of the Chapter in their desire to be able to tell other young people about it through a simple video interview.
In the evening in the Auditorium of the Generalate the young people of Livorno presented the recital “You are with us” on Mother Mazzarello.

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