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Interview with Sr. Veronica, the youngest participant at the General Chapter

10 settembre 2014

We interviewed Sr. Veronica Nwe Ni Moe, from the Province of Mary Our Help, Cambodia-Myanmar (CMY). Sr. Veronica is the youngest Chapter Member, and is participating for the first time as an invited guest. She is 34 years old and has been professed for 12 years. She is the animator of the community of St. Mary Mazzarello of AnisKan where there are 2 aspirants, 3 pre-aspirants, 49 girls in hardship situations who are frequenting the sewing course, and a boarding school with 150 children. The FMA also carry out oratory , afterschool activities for poor children, and Sunday catechism.

What did you think when you received the invitation to participate in the Chapter ?
I was very moved when the invitation arrived because in all my life I would never have imagined that I would live this experience of grace, of the Holy Spirit, of family, and of formation. I feel blessed and loved by God for having chosen me, and I am aware of a profound sense of gratitude for la Madre and the Sisters of my province for the trust they have in me, notwithstanding my frailty. I will participate in the Chapter with simplicity, joy, openness of heart and mind, and a sense of responsibility because the young Sisters and young people of Myanmar are waiting for me to share with them this experience of renewal in the light of the Gospel.

What did the Sisters of your community and the young people in formation tell you?
We are 9 Sisters in community, 4 with perpetual vows and 5 temporary professed. Like a sister among sisters, I seek to love Jesus and make Him loved by them and the young people. The FMA and the young aspirants were very happy, and they asked me to speak for them of our reality, to listen and to participate with my whole self so that I could communicate to them the beauty of the experience, and the content through the Internet, and they assured me of their continual prayer.
In order to follow the Chapter online they must go to a little nearby city, fifteen minutes by car, to have the possibility of a connection. They asked me to thank and embrace la Madre and the Sisters of the Council who visited us, and they asked me to renew the invitation of a future visit. They said simply to greet Mother Mazzarello when I go to Mornese, and to tell her that they are happy to belong completely to Jesus, and to be able to build, together with the young people, houses of love and joy, sowing the seed of the Salesian charism in our land.

What are your expectations for the chapter?
During the Chapter I want to listen to what God and the Holy Spirit want to teach me, and then to share what I am and what God has given me. I hope that this time will be for all an experience lived in company with the Holy Spirit that always indicates what Jesus wants for the good of the world, the Church, our Sisters, the educating communities, the young people , and the poor. I also believe that renewed in the Gospel I will be able to share the family spirit and the joy of being an FMA completely given to the young people
I wish to grow in evangelical radicality and loving kindness, to be a simple, joyful FMA for Jesus and for young people.

Do you have a message for the young people of the world?
I want to tell every young person of the world: “The God who lives in you loves you very much, and so do I, together with Don Bosco and Domenica Mazzarello, I love you very much. Pause for a little to listen and find yourself in the depth of your heart, where God is waiting to give you His love.
Have the courage to go out of yourself to experience the true joy and the meaning of your life. The Church, Don Bosco, and Maria Mazzarello need you. Whenever possible leave the Internet, and you will be able to build relationships that are more humanizing, authentic, beautiful and lasting ,giving and receiving love.

“Viva Gesù and Maria” to all young people in the Salesian world, be aware of God’s presence and that of Mary Help of Christians in your life and in the lives of your friends.”

A dream that you have for your country…
To continue the dream that Don Bosco had for the young people of my country: a happy life for every day and for eternity. Yes, where all can live and grow in peace and serenity, sharing fairly in the common wealth for the good of all. I want to share the love of God in the Spirit of the Da mihi animas cetera tolle in our land so dominated by the Buddhist culture.

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