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FMA, Ambito per la Pastorale Giovanile Roma

3 luglio 2014

European SYM Coordination

Small Teal Meet of SYM Europe

June 20- 22, 2014


A Youth coordinator and four other young persons chosen from the General Assembly which  formed  the small Team along with with Don Robert Simon, sdb and Sr. Lolia, fma had meeting from June 20-22, 2014, to evaluate the previous GA, at Krako  and to plan for the ensuing GA at Austria.  The meeting began with a prayer moment led by Don Robert Simon, basing the theme on an extract from the document of the 23rd General Chapter of the Salesian of Don Bosco, Fr. Egidio  Vigano – 7th Successor of Don Bosco. Followed by Evaluation of the previous GA  and planning for the next GA .


During the course of the days the members were privileged to meet Rector Major who gave inspiring message on  how the SYM should give space for young people to grow and matured into integrated persons of the society. He exhorted that in all our, animations we should guarantee Salesian Identity because it is our specific gift to the Church.

Don Fabio Attard, Councillor for Youth Pastoral, explained the three icons of SDBs and FMAs educative methods, basing on the three dreams of Don Bosco.  1824, 1844 and 1886 respectively.

1824 at the age of 9 Johnny Bosco saw changed wild animals changed into Lambs,  in this dream God gave to Johnny a vision and method, not with blows but with gentleness and kindness.

1844  Don Bosco saw the Lambs are changed into shepherds, here we see the first sign of Don Bosco’s mission and how Don Bosco responded to this special mission, by growing, missionaries from within, facilitating the process.

1886, the third dream shepherds becoming missionaries to the whole world. Become agents and witnesses to the Gospel. He beautifully connected the SYM with the dreams of Don Bosco, and urged the members to have vision and forge ahead with courage with the strength of the Holy Spirit and the guidance of Mary.

Sr. Maria Carmen, councillor for Youth Pastoral, spoke  on how we need to make young people the protagonists of our mission but not without the guidance of an adult. SDBs and FMAs need to accompany and walk along side of the young people.

The small team also  had the privileged  of meeting the two Regional Superiors of Europe, Don Tadeus Rozmus and Don Stefano Martoglio, who gave their full support in facilitating the SYM in Europe through the Provincials and the Delegates and in their own capacities .


The small team had a very enriching and beautiful encountered, among themselves and with the Superiors.




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