Builders and Advocates of Peace

image003The following initiatives were taken by the Auxilium College of Arts & Science for women and Auxilium College of Education for Women and the Hostel students during these days in order to become builders of Peace and Advocates of Peace in their life.

  • Black Board Drawing Competition on Holy Father’s Peace message for 2014 was conducted for the students of both the Colleges.
  • Morning Prayer, Yoga, and daily exam of conscience were conducted to the residential students to have peace with God and with oneself.
  • Interreligious prayer service to advocate peace among Christians, Muslims and Hindu students.
  • Praying for Peace every day after Morning Prayer session.
  • Input sessions on ‘Mastery over one self – Body & mind, soul’ was conducted so as to enjoy inner peace.
  • Individual attention on students in difficulties were indentified and offered counseling.
  • Students were motivated to offer and participate in the Eucharistic celebration especially when they are in trouble.
  • Personal prayer and visit to the Blessed Sacrament are encouraged.
  • In the committed groups they are motivated to become builder of Peace.
  • Monthly and Annual Retreats were conducted to review their way of life in order to experience Peace.
  • Every month common recreation and get together for the residential students with the sisters to have more chances for give and take and accept others as they are.
  • Word in the ear and assurance of prayers helped them to have peace of mind.   
  • Teaching them to sing many devotional songs helped them to experience God’s immense love for the humanity.
  • Doing voluntary service and becoming socially concerned and honest. Camps and reach-out programmes were organized.

By: Sr. Siriapushpam Mathew



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