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Reflections on the 2013 SYM Forum

21 gennaio 2014

I look back at the proceedings of the 2013 SYM Forum with joy, hope and admiration. The hardworking coordinators and organizers, the enthusiastic youth participants, the impressive and impactful program, the well prepared facilitators with soul searching presentations, the reflective prayer moments were among many other factors that kept time rolling into a 7 day charming forum with the young, among the young and for the young at Bosco Boys Kuwinda.

I went into this forum as an animator with the view of being an educative presence, yet this experience proved to me that the young themselves educated me into a deep reality of the dynamic issues surrounding their spiritual, psychosocial, physical, economic and other aspects of their life. This came up easily especially during the moments of group prayers, discussions and sharing, personal encounters but more inevitably during the informal interactions. In all this, I am proud to say that though the contemporary society is proposing an anti religious mentality, there are still many young people who are strong in faith and are convinced about Christ despite the various setbacks that come their way.
Core to my participation, was an opportunity to share my vocation story with the participants of this forum. Before this sharing I was wondering how relevant I would be to this digital generation that seems rather more interested and immersed in technology and other new forms of modern enticements such as materialism, consumerism, social media among others and would probably consider religious vocation as an otherwise analogue thinking. I was greatly mistaken………. To my big surprise, what came after were unending requests for personal chats and talks regarding youth challenges and vocation. From this, I discovered that many young people are enthusiastic about following Christ more closely as religious and priests. During these sharing’s, discussions and interactions, I could make out that though expressed variably, the prime reason why some of these young people felt attracted to this way of life is that it is all about sharing: giving freely what they’ve freely received. Also, what strongly manifested itself is that the life witness of the FMA’s and SDB’s in their respective centers is a catalyst towards vocation promotion. Kudos Rev. FMA’s and SDB’s: may our life always give glory to God, save souls and more so attract many others to the vineyard of the Lord. SYM is really a hub for Salesian vocations and other vocations in the Church. Long live SYM!!! Viva Viva SYM!!!
In a flash, this weeklong joyful celebration of our faith with the young expressed our deep seated heart’s desire to rest always in the presence of the Lord. The biggest challenge now is to transform into concrete commitment our experience of the SYM.
I am grateful to all the young people present in this forum for making this event a spirit filled encounter!!!! Special thanks to our theme song writers, Sr. Carol Kalondu and Fr. Vincent Mokaya: Your thematic contribution kept the faith rocking!!!! A big congrats to our main coordinators, Fr. Benn and Sr. Laurenzia:  Thumbs up, well done!!!!! To all other FMA’s and SDB’s, novices, pre-novices, postulants and aspirants: May God reward you abundantly for your tireless contribution!!!!
Note worthy appreciation to Fr. Minja and the Bosco Boys Community: Blessings!!! Blessings!!! Blessings!!!
Sr. Patricia Oyuga – FMA Novice
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