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300 CPC Parents Vow to Create more Homes that Evangelize in 2013 LVF CONGRESS

26 settembre 2013

Commitment BuildingIn this age of modern technology and social media invasion, the world is faced with difficult challenges that beset every Filipino family. Young people are lured to material possessions at the expense of their dignity.  Innocent children willingly succumb to pain and betrayal of  abuses they experience with relatives to keep intact their families. They are the future of the new generation; and yet, they are not spared from the decaying morals of our society.

Laura Vicuña Foundation (LVF) proactively responds to this urgent concern by strengthening families in high risk communities, thus, the conduct of the LVF 2013 Parents’ Congress with the theme, “Sama-samang Itaguyod ang Pamilya para sa Bagong Ebanghelisasyon” (Together Let Us Strengthen Families Towards the New Evangelization).

Sr. Sarah Garcia, FMA, LVF President,  happily welcomed more than 300 parent leaders of the  Salesian Sisters gathered at the La Salle Greenhills’  Center for the Performing Arts in Mandaluyong City, Philippines through the kindness of its President, Bro. Victor Franco, who generously shared their facilities and personnel at no cost to the LVF. The participants came from 9 depressed communities of the LVF Child Protection Clinic areas from the cities of Taguig, Marikina, Manila and Quezon City as well as parent oratorians from FMA communities in Canlubang (Laguna), Mabalacat (Pampanga) and Sta. Mesa (Manila).

The parent participants from our different Child Protection Clinic on Wheels Outreach areas and FMA Oratory CentersThis year’s Parents’ Congress offered relevant discussions on the situation and challenges of families as well as useful information on how the participants can improve parenting skills and promote evangelization in their homes through the talks of excellent speakers on Family, Marriage and Parenting.

Mr. Julius Cainglet, an active couple leader of a Catholic Ministry and presently connected with the Federation of Free Workers (FFW) shared his family life story and ten parenting tips on how he and his wife are raising and providing their children with quality care despite their meager income and the opportunities to develop their skills and keep them away from negative peer influences. The participants were inspired with how Mr. Cainglet and his wife are managing to provide good education to their kids by tapping available resources and network with proper agencies providing scholarships. He stressedthe importance of firming up the children’s foundation while they are still young so that they will have better chance of qualifying for college scholarships.

Fr. Clod Bagalbaldo blessess the couple during the MassFr. Clod Bagabaldo celebrated Holy Mass           and reminded the parents of their noble vocation to be true to their marriage vows, take care of their families and build their houses into homes that evangelize. He also challenged them to spread or even gossip the WORD OF GOD, the GOOD NEWS instead of maligning others. His touching and humorous stories of family and marriage captured the hearts of the assembly, resolving to make Christ the center of their lives so their families will be strong to face adversities. He blest the couples and encouraged others to receive the Sacrament of Matrimony.

In the afternoon session, Mr. and Mrs. Angelo and Irma Felix gave a heart-warming story of their struggles in raising and accompanying their children sustain their faith and triumphs in life with God’s help and Mary’s intercession. The participants were inspired how the couple are so discerning, sustained and continued to be good servants of God through their catechetical and marriage encounter ministries. Three (3) couple reactors – Barangay Chairman & Mrs. Ramon and Ochie Veloso, Mr. & Mrs. Antonio and Ellen Iman and Mr. & Mrs. Oscar and Josefina Arenas shared bits of their faith experiences and wisdom of resolving family problems especially in raising kids in this digital world.  One even realized he is still lucky to have been given problems not as difficult as what the Felix Family went through.

The parents were all full of happiness and their vibrant faces speak so much of an eagerness for more activities like this. This is a once-in-a lifetime opportunity to most who have been pre-occupied with their daily life struggles and even considered this parents congress as a form of spiritual retreat.  Each CPC area and FMA Parents’ Oratory group came up with their commitments to spread in the Communities the joy of renewing their vows with Christ as the center and their resolve to be responsible parents to rebuild and unite their families as a littlest Church.

Guest Speakers and Panel of ReactorsSo as to create homes that evangelize, the parents pledged to fulfill the following:

A. For their Family

  • Make Christ as the center of their family by encouraging children to celebrate the Holy Eucharist every Sunday and teach them how to pray.
  • Give importance to the sanctity of family as and its significant role in spreading the word of God.
  • Practice charity in the home.
  • Maintain open communication.

B. For their Children

  • Involve their children in spiritual activities in the church and in their communities such as the Block Rosary Council.
  • Teach their children to be independent  by giving them responsibilities at home so that they will also learn to work in communion with family members and other people in their community
  • Allow their children to be involved in activities such as music and sports so that they will not be involved in high risk behaviors.
  • Properly guide their children, spend quality time with them, give them love and be a role model to them.

C. Personal Commitment

  • Regularly attends the Parents’ Sunday Oratory
  • Re-echo this Parents’ Congress to community members
  • Be strong in facing all life’s difficulties and find solutions to present difficulties.

For the participants, it was a moment of renewal as a couple from our CPC Bacood states, “This parents’ congress made us realize our commitment to each other as husband and wife. It is our vocation and a gift from God. God’s love and fidelity will keep us together and this will also sustain us in our journey as we share such love to our family. We are very thankful for this formation and we feel the need to continuously grow in our relationship as we face the many challenges of life especially in raising our children in this perilous time. We thank the Laura Vicuña Foundation for organizing this event for us. We have learned so many things that will help us in our relationship as a couple and as parents. We hope this will be repeated every year.”   

Capping the event,  Sr. Maria Victoria P. Sta. Ana, FMA,  LVF Executive Director challenged the parents, “Together with the Holy Family, let us show the world the indomitable strength of the Filipinos in building the little Church, that is our families, our invaluable contribution to the New Evangelization!”

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