A campaign will send Benedict XVI a pencil case ‘so that he doesn’t give up writing’

September 15, 2013. (Romereports.com) Pope emeritus Benedict XVI always used a pencil to write his texts. Now an online campaign called Pencils for Benedict collects testimonies on how  his handwritten teachings have influenced people worldwide.

Its creators explain they came up with the idea while listening to Pope Francis’ answers to journalists on the return flight from WYD.
Francis then compared living with Benedict XVI to “having grandpa at home”. And so they thought about editing a book with testimonies from people all around the world.

Testimonies cand be sent by e-mail before September 30th at info@georgganswein.com

They want to give Benedict the book along with a pencil case. This symbolic gift is meant to be a sign of fondness, respect and gratitude to the Pope emeritus and also a plea to him to never give up writing.

2 commenti

  1. I felt so good and greatly thrilled when I came to know that Holy Father Emeritus, Pope Benedict XVI uses pencil to write. I too do the same as I feel more at ease with the pencil. One reason is that the mistakes, as soon as identified, can be erased and that gives me a clean feeling to continue smoothly with the flow of thought. Well! As a keen admirer of Pope Benedict XVI and an avid reader of his writings and writings on him, I feel proud that both of us have the same habit of writing with the pencil. It gives me an awesome feeling when I write ‘both of us’! A feeling beyond description!
    His inspiring writings on the three theological virtues of Love, Hope and Faith and his three volumes on ‘Jesus of Nazareth’ are splendid works that I loved and still love reading and rereading, reflecting, meditating and contemplating! My earnest prayer to my God is that Pope Emeritus, Benedict XVI lives long, healthy and happy years and write more and more, inspiring minds and hearts and intellects to build a world of love, peace and prosperity. Long Live Benedict XVI!

  2. Dear Sr. Alphonsa,
    please join this initiative. It will be a sign of gratitude and love.


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