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From the Sacred Heart Novitiate (INM-India): Peace initiatives

12 settembre 2013


“Peace be with you, I give you my peace”. With the peace that flows from the heart of Jesus, we the community of Divyadhanam Novitiate, INM experienced a serene atmosphere of peace as we heeded to the appeal made by our Holy Father to pray for peace. With due preparation and knowledge on the conflict situation that exist in the countries of Syria and Egypt where our sisters are present and other parts of the world where there is violence, we observed a time of prayer for peace, a time of education to peace and a time of witness to peace.

DSC07725i)       A time of prayer for peace: We observed a day of fasting and prayer for peace. We prayed for the end of civil war in the countries as well as for peace all over the world. Added to this, we also had an hour of adoration offering intercessions for Syria and Egypt. The letter of the Rector Major and the appeal of the Holy father Pope Francis were read during adoration to highlight the implication of the uproar in the world.

ii)     A time of education to peace: We extended the awareness of the situation to the children at the Oratories and Children’s Parliament thus inviting them to pray for peace. The children were sensitized to the prevailing situation and were motivated to pray for peace as well as make peace with one another especially in their families and in the neighbourhood.

DSC07575iii)   A time of witness to peace: We had a community celebration of reconciliation with the group mass celebrated by Rev. Fr. Anthonyraj Patrick sdb. The theme for the mass was on peace and reconciliation and appropriate readings were chosen. Reflections were drawn on making up relationships when conflict situation arises. One can either fake or break or make a relationship when conflict arises. To make for peace, one has to glorify God, get the log out of one’s eye, gently listen to each other and get back the relationship. We also had an opportunity to forgive and wish ‘Shalom’ to each other.

Thus the entire community was united with the whole church and Salesian family praying and wishing for peace to reign in our hearts as well as in the world.

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