Setting the stage in Rio for World Youth Day 2013… literally

July 10, 2013 ( Preparations for WYD 2013 started months ago, but there is still a lot on the agenda. One of the issues organizers are working on, is the  installations of two main stages, where most of the gathering with Pope Francis will take place. They include stages in Copacabana and Campus Fidei. Organizers say, they goal is to build a structure where everyone can see Pope Francis, even from a distance.

It’s not just about logistics. Organizers are also looking for  an artistic touch. Abel Gomes, who designed the main stage at Copacabana, said its layout was inspired by the picturesque mountain skyline in Rio.

Another imposing stage, at Campus Fidei, was inspired by the shape of ancient Gothic cathedrals. Its main features are two towers at the ends of the altar which resemble two hands held in prayer. Between them, a golden coated cross, that’s over 100 feet high.  

Organizers hope the projects will be completed as soon as possible, to welcome the hundreds of pilgrims who are already making their way to Rio.


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