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Seminarians and novices flock to Rome for special event with Pope Francis

5 luglio 2013

July 03, 2013. ( Between July 4th and 7th, Rome will be the center of a special event dedicated to seminarians and novices from all over the world. According to the Vatican, the city will welcome more than 6 thousand people from at least 70 countries around the world.

Most of these pilgrims will be youths, so the event will in a way be a preview of WYD in Rio.
The train of celebrations in the Eternal City has been organized by the Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization.

President, Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization
“I think that the presence of thousands and thousands of young people in Rome will be a witness of joy, first of all, and a witness that youths today can be once again able, even with difficulty, to follow Jesus Christ.”

The series of events will have a special focus on formation. On Saturday, July 6th, pilgrims will attend a special conference to analyze the role of clergy education plays within the new evangelization.

President, Pontifical Council for the New Evangelization
“I think that this is very important. But it this is also very important for seminarians, novices and all young people who desire to consecrate themselves to Jesus Christ, because formation also means ‘to know our identity’, it also means being able to ‘go outside ourselves’ and being instruments for the New Evangelization.”

The list of scheduled events includes a catechesis session in seven languages and special visits to Roman shrines. But the highlight, will be a meeting with Pope Francis on Saturday, July 6th. The audience will feature speeches by father Robert Barron, who is known as the popular social media priest.  Also on the list is film director Juan Manuel Cotelo and in the singing department, there’s sister Glenda Valesca Hernandes Aguayo.

The Pope will also close the event with a special Mass at St. Peter’s Square.

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