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Holy Crocodile: Showing kids what a saintly life is all about

17 giugno 2013

June 16, 2013. ( Teaching children about saints can be complicated, but this book tries to make it a bit easier. ‘Holy Crocodile’ is a book where animals help people, instead of the other way around. 

Whether it be a dog, a fox or a crocodile, the animals help out those in need, specifically when they face life and death situations. The animals exemplify how Christian values are brought to life even in challenging situations. 

From a crocodile who helps a man cross a river, to a dog that cares for his sick master, until he completely recovers.

The book, by Caroline Cory, is based on religious legends from the Roman Catholic Church, Coptic and Orthodox traditions. At its very core, the goal is to show children what living a saintly life is all about.

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