Channel “You at WYD” brings testimonies from pilgrims with photos and videos

You at WYD(06-05-2013). Another news arrives to the official site of the World Youth Day, the channel “You at WYD”, that is today launched bringing lots of statements of pilgrims. There you will find testimonies of people that already experimented the joy of a World Youth Day, the expectative that everybody have while preparing the event, and how you are preparing to raise the money to come to Rio de Janeiro, among many other stories, each one accompanied with photos or videos.

We are also inviting you to share in the channel “You at WYD” how is going your preparation, through the site The channel is translated in seven languages: portuguese, english, spanish, french, polish, italian and german. It is important to put your name, city, church or group to where you belong for a better identification to those who read it.

Take part of this way of integration and post a photo with your friends, church, group, family, or even you alone, but showing your love for the WYD. In the site will be several examples in the posts that are already available. You are going to get emotional with the testimonies of faith and courage, to have fun with the creativity of many pilgrims, and be surprised by how the faith is able to gather and give strength for the WYD to take place.

The World Youth Day takes place firstly, inside the heart of each one, in the desire of being part and being present in this awaited meeting. Tell us your story and show to the world what you are felling and doing for the WYD. The youth is the focus of this huge faith encounter.

“We are focused in works for the World Youth Day, raising money through raffles, sells, kiosks at fests of the patron saints. All this, to help affording the trip of those who don’t have the financial conditions to go to Rio de Janeiro. We are anxious about the WYD, we want to go and stock up of that spirituality and bring it to everybody”, wrote Diego Silva Viana, of Pedro Leopoldo, Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais.


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