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Information for WYD Rio 2013 international volunteers

17 aprile 2013

volunteer Rio2013Dear International volunteers,

There are only a few months left until WYD Rio 2013, and we want to inform you of the following:

The next steps (timeline estimate):

1. Volunteer List on the Blog: At this link you can find the latest list that has been uploaded to the Selected International Volunteers´ Blog.

2. APRIL- Payment (you will receive an email about this in the coming days, thank you for your patience and flexibility)

3. Visa: For those of you who will need a visa to come to Brazil (Consult the Brazilian Consulate in your country), you can complete this process by following the directions given when you submit your payment to be a volunteer.

4. JUNE Assignments: Once you have been able to complete your payment (deadline May 15th), we will be able to start informing the volunteers of their assignments.  

5. JUNE – Volunteer Guide: About a month and a half before your arrival in Rio, we will send the “Volunteer Guide WYD Rio 2013” with general information on: volunteering, WYD Rio2013 Standards, WYD documents, how to pack your suitcase, information about Rio de Janeiro, climate, transportation in Rio, safety, health tips, health insurance. These will be useful to prepare your trip to Rio. 

6. JULY – Accommodation: We will inform you about your accommodation.

7. JULY – Information about your arrival: We will send you an email informing you about where we will be waiting for you on July 15th to take you to your accommodation.

Important Note: International Volunteers, write only to these two emails:

• (Spanish speakers)

• (English speakers)

Pope Francisco:

“Dear friends, I´m preparing along with you. We are now close to the next stage of the great pilgrimage of the cross of Christ. With joy, I am looking forward to coming to Rio de Janeiro in July. We will meet in that great Brazilian city.”

More united than ever in prayer, we will soon all see each other in Rio! We´re looking forward to meeting you! God bless!

Antonio Mateo
Responsable Sector de Voluntarios Internacionales
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