World Youth Day in Rio “Goes Green.” Organizers to promote care for the environment

April 4, 2013. ( When it comes to protecting the enviornment, the  Catholic Church has been quite vocal in the past few years. In fact, during his first days in office, Pope Francis, called on heads of state and the entire international community to protect mother nature.

Chairman, John Paul II Youth Foundation

“It was quite unexpected, but it was great to hear Pope Francis talk about this issue in his first public speeches. This has deepened our commitment to draw attention to this problem, especially with  young people and really all of mankind.”

So World Youth Day in Rio Brazil is the perfect event to actually get the message out. The John Paul II’s Youth Foundation has decided to organize a series of events in Rio, to discuss the topics and conclusions from last year’s Conference on Sustainable Development, where over 20 countries took part.

Minister of Environmental Affairs (Italy)

“Our contribution to World Youth Day is to make  sure that all young people understand the commitment all participating countries agreed to last July during the Summit on Sustainable Development. That way they can be active and carry it out themselves.”

The next few years will be very busy for Brazil. The country will host World Youth Day, the World Cup and the Olympics.

Without a doubt the environment will be a top priority for the country. Brazil is known for its rich ecosystems, so protecting them has turned into a challenge for organizers. But despite the challenge, it’s also an opportunity to raise awareness about the importance of protecting the environment.


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