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Prayer and Gratitude

2 aprile 2013


From India: Auxilium convent, Regunathapuram (INM)

The renunciation of Pope from Papacy has urged the whole globe to pray and thank God for the person of Benedict XVI. On 28th February,2013, the day pontiff’s resignation, various initiatives were taken to pray and express our gratitude as a prove our love for the church.

In the morning prayer, a special introduction was intoned and a hymn was sung in thanking God  for eight fruitful years of Papacy. The Holy Eucharist was celebrated by Fr. Napolean Albert the Parish Priest of K.K. Patti. At the entrance procession, Pope’s photo was taken by the representative of the gathering and a meaningful introduction was given. His humble heart, simplicity, heroic Zeal and strong spirit were brought to limelight.

At the sun set we had special Rosary in honuor of Pope Benedict XVI, with our recipients. At the end of the rosary, our animator Sr. Mathew Josephine Siriapushpam shared about the life of Pope to the gathering. She explained about the daring decision made by the Pontiff, the great things he had achieved and the struggles he had faced during the eight years of Papacy.

The prayers rippled throughout the day as we remain with grateful hearts and pray for the conclave to elect the new Supreme Pontiff.

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