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Auxilium Centre, Thanjavur, India thanks Pope Benedict XVI

7 marzo 2013


Devotion to the Pope is our special charism so we, the sisters,youth and the whole Educating community, of Auxilium Centre, Thanjavur, INM thank our most beloved Holy Father Pope Benedict XVI for the gift of his service to the Church. We, his beloved children offered a special Holy Mass on 28th Feb. 2013 and the whole day of adoration was dedicated for the election of the New Pope.


We the teachers of Auxilium Higher secondary School staff along with Sr. Viagappan Rosario Jebamani, the youth pastoral coordinator of Auxilium centre, Tanjore INM  decided to pray and thank God for giving us the gift of Pope Benedict VI to our church for past 8 years. I asked why do we thank our Pope?

The reply is

  • His holiness was a man of God and a man of faith
  • He is a man of prayer
  • He is our model
  • He is a lover of youth
  • His humility is edifing the whole church
  • His rules are the steps to reach holiness etc.  ……….        ………………

Yes. We want to express our gratitude to God for giving us Pope Benedict VI by offering a thanksgiving Mass. They decorated our Pope’s picture. A beautiful introduction was given by our youth and during post communion we thanked God for his virtues.


Devotion to Pope is one of our piety. It leads our love towards the church. So it will increase our faith and hope in the year of faith. And we continued the whole day adoration from class VI to class XI along with our teachers’ animation for the forth coming Pope who will lead our church in love. Our youth were in tears to leave the pope.


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