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Saint Francis de Sales

24 gennaio 2013


Happy feast of Saint Francis de Sales, patron of the Salesian Family, living image of the meekness of God, proof that life with God does not make us severe, rather, truly joyful and amiable.

Here is one of his wise sayings:

“One of the best exercises in meekness that we can undertake is when the object is within ourselves.
We must never fret about our own imperfections. It is reasonable, of course, to be displeased and sorry when we commit a fault, but we should not get bitter or gloomy or emotional about it. Many people overreact. They get angry about being angry, vexed about being vexed, disturbed at being disturbed. As a matter of fact, this just reinforces the act. More than that, these new imperfections tend to pride, a self-love which is disturbed at being imperfect.
Be sorry about your faults, but in a calm and firm way. A judge who bases his decisions on reason will serve justice better than if he judges with passion and emotion. So, we should correct ourselves by a calm, steady repentance rather than by some harsh treatment.”

(Saint Francis de Sales, Introduction to the Devout Life)

Happy feast to all.

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