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Registration for WYD begin August 28th

7 settembre 2012

After launching the Manual for enrollment for pilgrims, the WYD Rio 2013 takes another step to ensure the participation of young people and organizing groups. Registration will open on 28th of August. According to the director  of enrollments WYD Rio 2013 sector, sister Maria Shaiane Machado, it will be very significant day for WYD 2013.

“At the registration the pilgrim group can choose the type of package. So we welcome someone in their needs.” Enrollment in the official WYD Rio 2013 portal represents a pre-booking. Confirmation of registration is paid. She said. “The pilgrim can now choose their package and WYD is organizing to welcome him/her.

Since the last 31st of July will be available online the Manual for the enrollments of pilgrims. It will contain all needed orientations to prepare in a better way to the group. The registrations will be in group by the coordinator of the group (called responsible for the group). Beside it will have a second responsible. For mixed groups, preferably one male and one female responsible. The amounts have any variations, in both the sport package (which may not include room and board), and by classifying countries. To help the pilgrims from economically poorer countries can attend WYDs, they are classified into classes A,B and C.

The classification of the countries and the types of package can define values. It will be 21 packages vary from R$100,70 to R$577,60. These amounts will be valid until 31st of January of 2013, including 5% discount. After this period, the variations will be from R$106,00 t R$608,00.

The groups should have up 50 pilgrims, including those responsible or coordinators. Lager groups should be divided into subgroups of 50 people, which can be linked together by a core group. The link between does not guarantee that everyone will be together. The accommodation will be provided by the COL by linguist region. Also other factors may be decisive, for example the distance between groups of payments.

The registrations will be exclusively online through the of the official website of WYD – “We encourage all to apply by groups which can be formed at parishes, community and other catholic movements, schools and universities, said Sister Shaiane.

The volunteering candidates that will be not select should make the registration as pilgrims.

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  1. lobepitieve permalink
    1 ottobre 2012 08:03

    pareja de curiosos busca experimentar


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