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Registration for World Youth Day Rio 2013 starts in July 2012

25 giugno 2012

The next WYD Rio 2013 headquarters, Rio de Janeiro, is already preparing to welcome thousands of pilgrims from all around the world who want to participate in this dream of God’s heart. And you should be asking: When and where can I register?

Registration begins in July 2012, one year before WYD Rio 2013, on the official WYD Rio 2013 website – According to Sister M. Shaiane Machado, Registration Sector Director, “All pilgrims who want come to WYD Rio 2013 should register. The Registration Sector is the welcoming door to WYD Rio 2013, and it will be from there that WYD will welcome everyone.”

It is a little more than one year until WYD Rio 2013, and the Registration Sector is working hard to enable pilgrims to register as early as possible. “We are not talking too much about numbers, because every WYD is a surprise, but based on last WYD data, we are estimating 800 to 900 thousand registrations through our website” emphasized Sister Machado.

Young people can register in groups of 50 pilgrims. Groups larger than 50 pilgrims must divide into smaller groups (until 50) that will be linked at the moment of registration. The registration payment hasn’t yet been determined. Pilgrim packs might be the same as last WYD, with price alteration for alternatives that could include: pilgrim kit, food, hosting and transportation. Don’t lose time! Follow the news and be the first register. Rio is waiting for you with open arms. Come participate in this big event to show the world the bloom of youth!

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