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Small Team of SYM Europe and M. East prepares for the 8th General Assembly

17 giugno 2012

The Small Team of the Salesian Youth Movement (SYM) Coordination for Europe and the Middle East met at the FMA Provincial House in Paris, France, from June 8 to 10. The Small Team is composed of 5 young persons, an FMA and an SDB representative for Europe and the M. East, and an FMA and an SDB representative from the two International offices for Youth Ministry. The participants for this meeting were: David Viagulasamy (France), Antonija Klobucar (Croatia), Elisabeth Humer (Austria), Karolina Kiepas (Poland), Michele Zecchin (Italy), Sr. Mª Angeles Diaz FMA (Spain), Fr. José Aníbal Mendonça SDB (Portugal), Sr. Runita Borja FMA (YM Sector), Fr. Robert Simon SDB (YM Department).

The Team started its meeting by reflecting and sharing on the Message of Pope Benedict XVI for the XXVII World Youth Day this year “Rejoice in the Lord always!” (Fil 4:4). Then it proceeded to have a sharing of news and ongoing and forthcoming initiatives in their own countries or regions and an evaluation of the 7th General Assembly for SYM Europe-M. East held in Fatima, Portugal last year. A great part of the meeting was dedicated to the planning of the forthcoming 8th General Assembly for SYM Europe-M. East to be held in Lyon, France, from November 16 to 18 this year.

The General Assembly is an annual event that serves as an oppotunity for common formation, sharing of experiences and reciprocal enrichment. These are all necessary for the growth and consolidation of the Salesian Youth Movement in the continent. The participants in the General Assembly are youth, FMA and SDB who have a key role in the SYM in the country or province. For this year’s General Assembly, the theme that was chosen will focus on Mother Mazzarello, especially on the ecclesial dimension of her life and mission.

During these following months prior to the General Assembly, the members of the Small Team will try to strengthen their contact with the countries belonging to their region, especially those where awareness about the Movement need to be reinforced.

An important point that emerged during the meeting is the need to grow more as an international Movement, taking advantage of the forthcoming Word Youth Day in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, in 2013. The great hope is that the Salesian Youth Movement may become a stronger and a more visible international Movement that gives its contribution to the Church and society.

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