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World Youth Alliance: ‘The Global War on Baby Girls’

23 aprile 2012

April 22, 2012. ( When it comes to having a baby, some women have opted to only have boys. That means if their unborn child is female, they simply have an abortion. It’s a problem that’s been going on for years now, in many countries and within different cultures.

World Youth Alliance, Founder (USA)

“The base problem we’re looking at right know, is known as ‘gendercide’ or female sex selection. So, this is really a problem of abortions that are taking place explicitly because the unborn child is a girl.”

Anna Halpine is the founder of the World Youth Alliance. It’s a global coalition, based in New York, that addresses the human dignity of people. In essence, it trains young adults so they can play an active role in policy making at both the local and international level. She visited Rome to take part in a conference on women’s health, maternal health and HIV/AIDS.

 She says the so called ‘gendercide’ is a common problem in China, Pakistan and  India, but also in areas of Europe and North America. Demographically, the data shows this problem has led to roughly 100 million baby girls that are missing from the world today. Halpine says, with less women, the imbalance has led to an increase in prostitution and the trafficking of women, where once again it’s females who are victimized.

World Youth Alliance, Founder (USA)

“More troubling to many people who see this as a problem of ignorance and poverty, we’re seeing that it’s well educated women, it’s wealthy women, it’s the higher class in particular, that are choosing to abort their baby girls.”

Raising awareness is crucial of course, but the change itself must come from within the country. But it’s not all based on laws….culture also plays a big role.

World Youth Alliance, Founder (USA)
“In India, it’s now illegal to abort merely because the child is a girl, but nonetheless, we’re not seeing that this law on the books is having any effect, It’s a cultural driver.”

Through this process, there’s also good news. Halpine says there is one country that changed the course of its ‘gendercide.’ In South Korea, people shifted their mentality until female sex selection was simply seen as unacceptable. It’s described as an encouraging point in history, that gives hope to the cause and the millions of ‘missing girls.’


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