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April 12: International Day for Street Children

11 aprile 2012

The International Day for Street Children was launched in 2011 by the Consortium for Street Children (CSC), the leading international network dedicated to realising the rights of street children worldwide, and is supported by Aviva, the world’s 6th largest insurance group. The day is celebrated by street children, NGOs, policy makers, celebrities, corporates and individuals across the globe.

In 2012 the theme for the International Day for Street Children is ‘challenging perceptions’ – we are encouraging people to question what they think they know about street children. Challenge your perceptions by watching our film (coming soon) or reading about some common myths.

Key messages

Across the globe there are large numbers of children surviving on the streets – it’s time we all took action to address this issue.

Whether they are a runaway from Derby or a street child in Delhi, the factors that drive children to the streets are similar (and include family breakdown, poverty, and violence).

One of the  greatest challenges faced by a street child is being recognised and treated as someone with rights.

We must recognise that a street child has the same potential as any other child, given the opportunity.

Although street children are vulnerable to the dangers of life on the street, they are also resilient and resourceful.

Street children see themselves as able to make a positive contribution to society despite often negative attitudes towards them. 

We are calling for governments and society to join together and stand up for the rights of street children all over the world. Being a street child is not a crime.

Street children adopt many tactics necessary to survive on the streets, such as begging, loitering and rough sleeping.

Heavy handed treatment by authorities – such as violence and round-ups –  is all too common and must be stamped out.

Rather than treat them as criminals authorities should understand the reasons for street children’s behaviour and provide support.

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