Promoting faith, joy and hope through music videos

March 18, 2012. ( To inspire a culture of life through music…this is one of the goals of “MUSIC VISIONS.” It’s a Catholic non-profit organization that tries to entertain and inspire the next generation through music videos.
Nowadays, millions of teenagers spend hours watching music videos, whether on a television set or through one’s phone. But oftentimes, those videos glorify anything but values. MUSIC VISIONS tries to change that by producing high quality videos that promote faith, joy and hope.

Its first project is titled “Beside You.” Based on a true story, it follows the journey of a young woman as she deals with an unplanned pregnancy. Other videos that promote values in every day challenges, are also in the works.

The goal is to expose young adults to positive music videos, but that same goal also applies to broadcasters, who are willing to air these types of videos to a large audience.

The group is made up by a small team of international professionals. But it’s also looking for sponsors and talented artists with unreleased songs. If you think, you’re a good fit, their website,, has all the details.


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