FIUC, a service from the university for the entire world

Internationality, Catholicity, knowledge, service to the society and to the Church, youth. These are the emphasis of the FIUC, the International Federation of Catholic Universities. University catholic institutions of the whole planet shape this singular grouping, which supports a special tie with The Holy See, especially the Congregation for the Catholic Education. Joined in a federation, called FIUC, they share a joint vocation: the integral formation of the human being, the formation of socially responsible professionals, the aware reading of the signs of the times, the society as an area of service. What is the goal of the catholic university? To serve, To create knowledge, To form responsible men and women ,To unite and to confront ideas, To bet for the solidarity,To encourage the human relations,To work for the common good, To encourage the international cooperation between universities. Born in the heart of the Church, the FIUC has extended through all the continents and has representation in international organisms such as the United Nations, the UNESCO, the European Council and, of course, the Holy See. An important place in the inspiration of the FIUC has been the great intellectual Christian tradition through intellectual figures such as, San Agustín, Saint Tomas of Aquino, the Cardinal Newman, Balthazar, Congar and Edith Stein. The universities talk between them, and are nourished of the intercultural conversations in order to carry out his mission: to be a significant contribution in the most just and human construction of a society. We remember that a few Institutions like the University of the Sacred Cuore in Milan and the University of Nimega in Holland were the first ones who in 1924 started to think together and joining his forces. In 1925, the first General Assembly of Catholic universities was celebrated in the Catholic Institute of Paris. In an encompassed world, the FIUC is also a local reference: it works in the field without forgetting the international bonds and the cooperation throughout his Regional Associations, his Sectorial Groups and the projects of investigation and action of the Coordinating Center of  Research. The FIUC open its doors to all universities who share the ideal and be willing to accomplish the academic and eclesial mission it has: to manage that the science, the humanities, the knowing … always serve to the well-being of the whole humanity and be remind to it the kindness of the creation. Where a catholic university is born with avidity for looking the truth and serving to the human being, the FIUC will be. In one of his messages to the Federation, the Pope Benedict XVI was grateful to the universities for their role in making a better society and he has invited them to promote a ” new humanist synthesis “. This is the work of the FIUC and its only reason of being: knowing to serve.



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