A look into the Vatican’s newspaper: L’Osservatore Romano

November 27, 2011. (Romereports.com) Just like any other newspaper, here thousands of copies are printed every day. Writers have deadlines and photographers look for that one perfect shot. But there is of course, one major difference. Here at L’Osservatore Romano, the editor, is the pope.

Giovanni Maria Vian
L’Osservatore Romano, Director
“It’s the one newspaper that quickly publishes stories about the Holy See, the pope, and his speeches, which are translated into seven languages.”

Topics like religion and theology are covered of course. But the newspaper is also big on politics,   international news and culture.

 Giovanni Maria Vian
L’Osservatore Romano, Director
“We deal with literature, art, cinema and comics.Some of our collaborators are non Catholics, or Christians of different denominations. Also,  Jews, and even agnostics.”

 The Vatican’s newspaper recently turned 150. It has a staff of almost 100 people from roughly eight countries. About 25 of them are journalists. Just like its staff, the distribution is international. About 15,000 daily copies are published in Italian. But once all the editions in all seven  languages are published, the number jumps to 400,000.

Giovanni Maria Vian
L’Osservatore Romano Director
“We publish few copies, but they’re published all over the world. For example, our French edition is read in 130 countries-which isn’t bad at all.”

 But, by far, the most popular edition is in Spanish, which accounts for 240,000 copies.

Marta Lago
L’Osservatore Romano, Spanish Edition
“It’s not only published in Vatican City, but also in Spain, Mexico, Argentina. The newspaper is also downloaded on the web.”

Everything from church events to the Vatican, it’s all covered for the world to see. More than anything the staff prides itself with not only spreading information, but ideas.

Marta Lago
L’Osservatore Romano, Spanish Edition
“Being able to publish a newspaper where the Vatican holds no barriers to the world and vice-versa. This is a great satisfaction. One feels connected with the entire world, which represents the Universal Church.”

The daily newspaper is published in Italian, but the weekly editions include French, English, Spanish Portuguese, German and Malayalam.

On the web, one can also see the editions in English and Spanish.


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