Strong families equals strong economy according to studies

November 16, 2011. ( Solutions to the world’s economic worries are being presented in all shapes and sizes. But one area which is often overlooked and plays a critical role in development is the family. An economic forum was held in Rome to examine the role of the family on the economy. Brad Wilcox is the director of the National Marriage Project. He says that societies and economies will flourish if children are raised in a healthy family setting.

Bradley Wilcox
Director, “National Marriage Project” (USA)

“We know that kids are more likely to get the human and the social capital that they need to flourish both in life and the market when they’re raised by intact, married parents.”

Groups like the National Marriage Project study different ways in which governments associate with the family.

Some countries have public policies that specifically promote family life. Finland for instance offers a ‘child credit’ that families can spend in ways they see best fit to raise their children. This often means one parent is able to take more time to spend at home with their children.

Policies like those in Finland is something the National Marriage Project is trying to promote everywhere.

Bradley Wilcox
Director, “National Marriage Project” (USA)

“What we’ve talked about today really is that the family plays a crucial role in providing and sort of cultivating the future workers, consumers, and tax payers of the modern world. And the family is often neglected in the consideration of the economy of the welfare of business.”

The studies presented at this “Meeting on the Family” suggest it’s in a country’s long term interest to promote the family unit.

The group is not only suggesting public policy. They also promote steps that can be taken by private businesses such as maternity leave and benefits associated with raising a family.


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