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Pope to Young Couples: “By burning certain stages, you risk burning love”

16 settembre 2011

September 12, 2011. ( Just off the coast of Italy, in the industrial city of Ancona, the pope met with hundreds of young couples. Among them, were Massimiliano and Fabiana. On behalf of all couples, they explained their fears and concerns when it comes to marriage.
“The frailty of the bond upsets us, especially how easily it brakes. Often, we don’t marry until everything is safe, a house, a job … Also, the definitive nature of marriage, makes it harder to make a decision, creating a sense of uncertainty.”

Benedict XVI
“Educate yourself on the freedom of fidelity. It leads to a life where you can care for one another, until the point where you live for one another. Get ready to choose ‘forever’ with conviction, because that is the true expression of love.”

The pope said dating should lead to a path of maturity where people can discover just how important the other person is in their life.  He also said that all love, is based “on gratitude, sacrifice, forgiveness and mutual respect.”  The pope also highlighted how taking that route isn’t always  easy.

Benedict XVI
“Do not believe that living together before marriage guarantees the future. By burning certain stages, you risk burning love itself. Time needs to be respected gradually, just like the expressions of love.”

During the visit to Ancona, the pope met with priests and with several families. He told parents that the best way to educate children is to be consistent, having their actions correlate with their message. He also asked priests to help families and couples in crisis.

Benedict XVI
“Be friendly and compassionate toward those who find it hard to respect the commitments of marriage. And also with those who have not respected it in the past.”

The pope met with the couples during  the closing ceremony of Italy’s Eucharistic Congress. He also reminded everyone that when faced with a problem, prayer and the Eucharist are powerful  sources of strength.

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