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Conclusions of the Salesian Youth Movement’s Forum 2011

8 settembre 2011

On August 17, the Salesian Youth Movement held an international gathering that brought together 100 young people from 50 Countries, accompanied by 50 Salesians of Don Bosco and Daughters of Mary Help of Christians.

These are our proposals for the future:

  1. Have more regular meetings as SYM in order to get to know and help the young people of the area.
  2. Offer an holistic education and improve the quality of our environments.
  3. Create groups and communities that can support young people in difficult situations in order to accompany them in undertaking a Christian journey.
  4. Reach out and go to where the young people are and not just wait for them to come to us.
  5. Collaborate more with society and discover the meaning of honest and committed citizenship. Offer opportunities in the social field.
  6. Promote more contact with people in poorer countries. Give the young leadership roles and opportunities for volunteer experience.
  7. Grow in faith by forming small prayer communities and training and involving lay leaders.
  8. Help the new immigrants to insert themselves in society and to encounter God.
  9. Create a sense of belonging and strong relationships within the SYM. Through our everyday life, show to others the Christian faith as a way to happiness. Re-read and deepen the Salesian Youth Spirituality.
  10. Evangelize outside the usual Salesian environments through witnessing, service and a deep relationship with the Lord.
2 commenti leave one →
  1. sr Silvia Melandri permalink
    8 settembre 2011 19:43

    Carissimi amici dell’MGS
    vorrei chiedere, se possibile, di aggiungere le “conclusioni del Forum 2011” anche in lingua francese, per tutti i giovani dell’MGS dell’Africa francofona che vorrebbero seguire più da vicino cio’ che ha rappresentato questo grande evento, pur non avendo potuto partecipare personalmente. Grazie!

  2. Pastorale giovanile permalink*
    8 settembre 2011 20:11

    Cara sr. Silvia,
    Sì, lo faremo, ma stiamo ancora aspettando la traduzione in Francese. Grazie.


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