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Women in crisis do not need a quick fix

18 febbraio 2011

On Feb. 14,2011, published an interview with former Planned Parenthood Leader Abby Johnson. It is a very compelling interview. Here are a few excerpts which focus on reaching out to women in crisis, “Christian advocacy”, and conversion.


“My husband Doug and I had attended many churches before I left Planned Parenthood. We always preferred a more liturgical service over a contemporary one. After I left Planned Parenthood, I was no longer welcome in my Episcopal Church and was pretty hurt by their decision for us to leave the church simply because I decided to no longer work for Planned Parenthood. The day I left Planned Parenthood, I was embraced by the loving arms of the people who had prayed for me for years, most of whom are Catholic… After attending some various Catholic parishes, I fell in love with the liturgy and found myself wanting to learn more and more each day. I found myself in awe of the devotion that my Catholic friends had that I didn’t, and I knew I wanted that same devotion myself. Doug and I decided we want to be a part of what the Catholic Church stands for and we have found such purpose through the Church.”

Reaching out to women in crisis

“Women in crisis do not need a “quick fix.” This quick fix usually comes with a lifetime of emotional pain — walking into a clinic as a mother and walking out no longer a mother will cause women and their families grief they never imagined. I didn’t realize this reality until I witnessed an ultrasound guided abortion myself. Seeing a perfectly formed body fleeing from the abortion instruments and then be torn apart “woke me up” in a sense. I realized I wasn’t helping women in crisis; I was piling another crisis on top of the crisis they were already facing! These women need to be respected and given the time to walk them through each “choice” that is available along with its pros and cons. They need compassion, a shoulder to cry on, a person to listen to them and most importantly, someone to stand up for them because they are better than abortion. Abortion clinics are going to continue to pile crisis upon crisis for these women; we, as pro-lifers, will continue to offer them hope and a brighter future despite their crisis.”

Christian advocacy

“The only way to communicate with pro-choice friends, family or colleagues is in a peaceful, prayerful and loving way. If you have read my book, the people who had a condemning presence outside of Planned Parenthood only drove me and my colleagues there to “protect” these women even more. It was always the presence and the words from the peaceful, prayerful and loving people on the opposite side of the fence and abortion issue as me that made me think and even made me really enjoy them. I knew they wanted the same thing that I did; they desperately wanted to help these women (even though I thought they were going about helping them in the wrong way). Despite my pro-choice mindset, these people stood out to me and their actions and words stuck with me, all the way to the day I left Planned Parenthood. The most influential thing a pro-lifer can do is love, pray and have a peaceful presence at the clinics; one of the major reasons that I left Planned Parenthood and am actively standing up for life today is because of these attributes of certain pro-lifers that never gave up on me. My words to every pro-lifer would be “Don’t give up!” and present yourself in such a way that the Planned Parenthood workers/pro-choice advocates will be drawn to you and won’t forget you, because that’s what will change hearts.”

To read the whole interview:   What Women in Crisis Really Need

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