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Message of the Rector Major to the Salesian Youth Movement 2011 (in different languages)

1 febbraio 2011

My Dear Young People,

I greet you and assure you of my great joy in sending you this message. They are words and feelings which I express in the presence of the Lord Jesus the Good Shepherd. I pray that his merciful heart may enlighten your minds, warm your hearts and fill your lives with meaning and dynamism.

Every day I keep you in my heart, and I constantly pray for you; yes, I pray for you so that you may remain united with Christ, and giving myself totally to you is what profoundly guides my whole life. In this way l am always praying for you, and when, visiting the Salesian houses scattered around the world, I am able to meet you face to face it gives me great joy and I bless the Lord. In your bright, joy-filled  eyes I see a great desire for life and a hidden desire to make of your lives something beautiful. Naturally you ask the question: what should we do and how? I am struck by how many of you are still uncertain and confused; and I know very well that you are not waiting for some abstract theory or programme. Therefore in answer  to your question I can do nothing better than speak with the heart of our Father Don Bosco. He it is who now speaks to you through me; it is he who shows his care for your life now and in the future, because he wants you to be happy in this world and for ever.

To read the whole message:  Message of the Rector Major to the SYM 2011

Per scaricare il testo:  MESSAGGIO AI GIOVANI MGS – 2011

Para descargar el texto: Mensaje del Rector Mayor al MJS 2011

Pour télécharger le texte: Message du Recteur Majeur au MJS 2011

Para baixar o texto: Mensagem do Reitor Mor ao MJS 2011

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