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December 31, 2010 Meditation by Bro. Alois (in different languages)

3 gennaio 2011

Is it possible to believe in God in the modern world? Faith is experienced today more as a risk, the risk of trusting. To take this risk, all our human capacities are not too much, those of the heart as well as those of the mind…

Even if we understand little of the Gospel, we can seek to grasp more starting from a few words that we try to put into practice. We can all ask ourselves: what are the words of the Gospel that touch me and that I want to put into practice today and in the time to come?

Each of us can communicate to others our hope in Christ. It may not always be through words, but still more by the life we live. Then something surprising happens: it is by passing on the message of Christ’s resurrection that we understand it more and more ourselves. Then this mystery becomes increasingly central to our existence; it can change our lives.

Yes, let us dare to communicate to others, through our life, the message of the Gospel, the hope of this love for ever.

And gradually we discover ourselves that God is there, close to us. By his Spirit he dwells within us. And when we are close to God, a gift of hospitality can spring to life in us. Welcoming those who are entrusted to us, giving them a place in our lives, becomes our main concern. In prayer, we become more sensitive to those who have no home: abandoned children, immigrants, homeless persons.

One day Brother Roger wrote: “In that unique communion which is the Church, God offers all we need to go to the wellsprings: the Gospel, the Eucharist, the peace of forgiveness…” And Brother Roger concluded: “So the holiness of Christ is no longer out of reach; it is here, close at hand.”

As believers, we do not follow an ideal; we follow a person, Christ. We are not alone; he goes before us. All of us, even if we are poor and vulnerable, are called to reflect Christ’s holiness in our life. Each of us can communicate to those around them a tiny light like the one we are going to share with one another.

And God does not get tired of setting out with us. We can believe that communion with him is possible, and never get tired ourselves of always having to begin the struggle again, as humble women and men who trust in the mercy of God.

To read the whole text: December 31 Meditation by Brother Alois

In italiano: dicembre 31 Meditazione di Frère Alois

En français: 31 décembre Méditation de Frère Alois

En Español: 31 de diciembre Meditacion del hermano Alois

Em Português: 31 de dezembro Meditação do irmão Alois



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