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Australia: “Let’s Celebrate”

22 dicembre 2010

This is a very beautiful initiative and here’s why:

The reason we made this video is because we heard that some places were banning Santa. Why would you ban Santa? Is it to make me feel welcome? Santa is an Australian tradition. Telling my friends they can’t have Santa is like telling me I can’t have Eid. I hear the word ‘inclusion’ used a lot – doesn’t that mean that I include you in my celebration and you include me in yours? Well that’s what my family does and so I visit my friends at Christmas, Chanukah, Diwali and Vesak and they come and celebrate Eid with me. I know about Aboriginal, Italian, Polish, Greek, Spanish, Turkish, Jewish, Chinese and Indian traditions and they know about Islamic ones.Thats what I believe ‘inclusion’ really is. Please don’t ban Santa for me.

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