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India: Learning with Fun – A three-day workshop at Maria Sharan

23 novembre 2010

We organized a three day workshop for the girls.  It was like a mini camp.  Sr. Jostina D’Britto and Sr. Joanna Lobo sat together and divided the group into four groups according to their capacities.  We decided on what can be done and the time table too.

We also involved the VII girls to help us impart skills and thus we had a meeting with them and handed over a group each to them and suggested to them various activities and programmes that could be done they too came up with suggestions and then we prepared a new plan for the girls.

This was a workshop with a difference as the 13 year olds became educators and prepared the material and taught the same. The theme was ‘Learning with Fun’- ‘Hasat Khelat Shikuya’

On the first day i.e., 31st October we had the inauguration, which began with an introduction by Sr. Joanna and the prayer moment prepared by the first group i.e. Fatima and her group, lighting of the lamp by Sr. Justina  Rodrigues and the 4 group leaders.  Sr. then spoke to them and encouraged the group to make the best of these days.

The workshops had a variety, arts, crafts, dance, movies, outings and all this helped the group learn and enjoy and also use their skills.

Impact of the experience:

The 13 year old  leaders:  The girls were happy spending time  usefully the older girls who taught said that this helped them plan prepare and realize how difficult it is to handle the girls and also at times wanted to scold and beat the girls when they did not listen to them.  They realized that they had learned the skills here and so they were able to impart it to the others.

The girls under 12:  They felt happy to learn new things and being in smaller groups it was easy for them to understand and felt that as they were occupied learning they did not feel bored but learnt many things.

The girls truly felt that learning was fun and they exhibited their creativity and skill every day and the sisters always gave them a pat on the back and they were indeed happy.  Sr. Justina encouraged them to learn and teach others too and build up their confidence.

By Sr. Joanna Lobo FMA

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  1. Sr Aruna Castelino permalink
    23 novembre 2010 18:43

    CONGRATULATIONS to you dear Sr. Joanna and Sisters of Maria Sharan for this innovative Workshop for our children there. I am indeed a witness of the talent, intelligence and creativity of turning Waste to Wealth and Learning with Fun. Our group of Italian Friends and Benefactors headed by Mr. Alessandro Caglieris, President of Fondazione Millesoli Onlus were more than happy with the special Art and Craft Exhibition put up in your hall as an outcome of this Children’s workshop. Do keep it up!

  2. Sr.Magdeline Sequeira permalink
    25 novembre 2010 16:04

    So happy to know of your creative initiatives with the young girls at your centre. These encounters of learning and togetherness will help build them into confident personalities and bring joy into their lives. All the best to you dear Sr.Joanna and team.


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